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  1. All the waist ex time in the spaceshuttle just to get back to the old Apolo technologycally
  2. My I iMac is just two years old and I had just actualized to OSX, and the new viewer that I downloaded doesn`t work with it
  3. Hi every one , since yesterday I am not able to log in I got an Mac and I had gotten an error message since yesterday when ever I try to log in, I tough it was a matter of actualization the software, but it still doesn't allow me to get in I had thrown to the basked all the viewers I got and downloaded from the official page and I am still getting the same error message Is this a problem that is particular of me or are there many others whit the same problem??
  4. hi hello every one I dopn t really know where to address this but I hope that you all can help me I had been wanting to get inside the world, every thing seems to start fine up to the moment where the clothes begin to download I had not been able to go past that, I beg you all please help I am desperd Because ist been too long since I ve last gotten in
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