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  1. All the waist ex time in the spaceshuttle just to get back to the old Apolo technologycally
  2. My I iMac is just two years old and I had just actualized to OSX, and the new viewer that I downloaded doesn`t work with it
  3. Hi every one , since yesterday I am not able to log in I got an Mac and I had gotten an error message since yesterday when ever I try to log in, I tough it was a matter of actualization the software, but it still doesn't allow me to get in I had thrown to the basked all the viewers I got and downloaded from the official page and I am still getting the same error message Is this a problem that is particular of me or are there many others whit the same problem??
  4. Well al I can say that I miss my second life, It is been too long since I can not log in, see no clear solution although as many ive done what ever It is at my disposal or rather disposition.
  5. Hola en este momento acabo de descargar la última versión disponible del visor y sigo sin poder entrar ¿habra alguien que ya haya resuelto este problema y que sea tan lindo de darme la solución? Gracias a todos
  6. Perdonenme por meter mi naricita, pero yo ya tengo desde el fin de mayo del 2012 que no puedo entrar a Second Life simplemente no inicia
  7. Hola a todos Solo he venido hasta aquí el día de hoy para decirles que no he podido entrar a mi vida virtual desde fin de mayo del 2012 aproximadamente, creo que esto se debe al cambio en el visor, descargue el visor 3 y desde entonces estoy perdida. Lo que me da mas angustia es que la última vez que entre quede en paños menores y no se en donde volvere a aparecer, no se si yo sere la única pero he intentado todo este tiempo sin exito, por favor dejenme volver a entra no se si yo fui la culpable o alguien me expulso a manera de venganza por alguna incompatibilidad. Tan solo les queria decir esto a todos los miembros de esta linda comunidad
  8. I have got the same problem I ve been out of My second life all summer long, can any body helpus, when there is no more where we can run to.
  9. hi hello every one I dopn t really know where to address this but I hope that you all can help me I had been wanting to get inside the world, every thing seems to start fine up to the moment where the clothes begin to download I had not been able to go past that, I beg you all please help I am desperd Because ist been too long since I ve last gotten in
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