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  1. oow, NOW i know where my vday sales went... down the drain. 3 days of commision discount is a nice gesture from LL altho it doesnt make up for my lost 10k income or more and my time invested.
  2. spoke to someone inworld yesterday who also had the issue but then with vista
  3. thank you, i will try revo and try to clear the sl things in registry. i dont know what kind of error i get, because it only displays a brief sending crash window wich dissapears after a second or so. I ran dxdiag and here are the results: http://hotfile.com/dl/127878158/72d0847/DxDiag.txt.html I will try running viewer3 in compatibility mode shortly and see what happens. Could it be some other program maybe that viewer 3 is incompatible with when i have it installed? and how can i find out if this is the case.
  4. Then it is maybe something else, but there is deff. something wrong with v3 or else my other viewers wouldnt work either. Infact.. it is the first program since years that i came across  wich says it works on my system but it doesnt.
  5. All viewers i ever tried worked tho, except now for v3 What subversion are you running? i downloaded 3-0-0-238864 today
  6. Hello, I just installed viewer 3 so i could write some manuals for it for my products. I normally use phoenix but for support purposes i go on LL viewers sometimes. Viewer 2 worked fine for me, and the very first time i use viewer 3 a nasty suprise awaited.. It wouldnt start... My system is a intel Q6600 quadcore, nvidia geforce 450gts, Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R motherboard, 10gb ram and a few gb's free on the system disk. My Os is windows 7. I uninstalled viewer 2 before i installed viewer 3. It loads, it connects to region, but at the end of loading world the screen just dissapears and i see a
  7. Hi Brooke, I happened to stumble upon this link and im shure that there are many alike, perhaps it is a good iidea to put a link in the starting post to a page where the general workings are described and the benefits of the direct delivery are mentioned, and the reasons why LL wants to switch from magic boxes to a direct dilvery system. I'm shure that will help convince merchans to join, plus I just had to google it and all that came up were hundres of links to this very page and a few pages that talk about the system but are not related to lindenlabs. About the idea of making a delivery sy
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