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  1. Hi. I'm renting an apartment in one of the sims. I want to subdivide the interior with walls that have doors in them. Can someone tell me how to do that and where to find the walls i need? Thanks MF
  2. Thank you, everyone. All it needed was a relog after i made the change.
  3. Tried Re-installing Firestorm...no luck. Managed to work my way into Preferences and on the General tab, changed something from Russki to Angliski, but still no change.
  4. I accidentally set my default language to Russian while trying translate chat. I can't read Russian to change it back! How can I reset it to English? Thanks, MF
  5. I was trying to use the chat translator and accidentally set my default language to Russian. I can't read the menu to change it back! Can somebody help me quick, so i can play tonight? Thanks, MF
  6. Hi everybody. I'm trying to understand the mesh avatar thing. I've been doing the Classic Av thing for like 5 or 6 years and am finally going to jump into the deep end, but i need to find out some things, like... I've been using the Serenade Emoter (it changes the expression on your face to match different emotions) practically since I first logged in and i love it. I don't know why everybody doesn't use it! But will i still be able to use it with a mesh avatar? I was thinking of getting a Maitreya avatar (ESODE Olivia Skin and Sophia Shape). But i want to modify the shape. The demo doesn
  7. Hi everybody. I downloaded the latest version of Iobit's Razer Game Booster and installed it. Now whenever I use it, game functions like viewing profiles, joining groups, and search won't work. I get an error message to the effect of "Media webkit plugin failed" or something very similar. I've tried re-installing the game mucho times, but that doesn't work. Without the game booster, SL runs slow and choppy. Does anyone know of any OTHER game boosters i could try. Or tell me how to resolve the conflict with Razer Game Booster? Thanks, Melody
  8. Everytime I scan my computer with an anti-virus program, the SL caches slow the process down A LOT. Do I need all the stuff that's in those folders? If not, what do I keep and what to I delete? Thank you, Melody
  9. Thanks everyone for your help. At least now I won't be wasting money on something i don't need!
  10. The lag is ruining my enjoyment of the sim. I have an NVidia 8500GT video card in a machine that has 4Gb of RAM and a 2.4 Ghz CPU. My connection is broadband through Comcast, and I think it's probably on the low end as far as that speed goes. Should I get a better video card? What's the best thing to do to reduce lag? Thanks, Melody
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