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  1. We have reduced the price for the remaining parcels on sale. Average Price is 0.6SL$ per sq.m. There are 3 blocks of parcels: 1st block includes 4 contiguous parcels, each of 512 sq meters 2nd block includes 2 contiguous parcels, each of 512 sq m 3rd block includes 3 countiguous parcels of 480, 1120 and 1008 sq m
  2. We have twelve 512 sq.m. lots - contiguous, for sale in Toroge. We also have three other lors continuous to them, respectively 1008, 1120 and 480 sq m. Most offered at low price of 1L$ per sq.m.
  3. What is the expected and usual time turn around for a support ticket (premium user) ?
  4. Hello, thanks for your interest. Transaction for selling has been initiated yesterday (feb 2nd) morning and was completed yesterday evening. The SIM is SOLD.
  5. three options: 1. beacons (as mentioned) 2. using a Searchbert (a freebie) 3. enter with Firestorm viewer, under world, see option area search. If you know at least part of name, it will find it. Then you will have options to be teleported there, to zoom on it, to delete it etc. Note - if object is hidden under the ground sheet, to to preferences and remove camera counstraints.
  6. Full SIM for Sale - 65,536 square meters, 15,000 prims. Current name of SIM is Orbis incogniti. The name can be changed during official reansfer. We ask $450US for the region. We will pay the $100 US fee for region transfer. Next Tier is due February 21st, 2015 - Monthly tier is $295 US To learn more about how transaction process see: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Managing-Private-Regions/ta-p/700115#Section_.3 Dabici Straulino
  7. Hello Innula, Yes most multi-scene or holodeck building tools involve the inclusion of script in the content of the objects to be included, hence the need to be MODIFYABLE objects. The product I had seen, a while ago, was indeed using another approach which was not involving the inclusion of a script and the only requirement was to have COPY permission. This is this product that I would like to find again. I searched for it quite intensively on Marketplace without success. I used scene, rezzer, holodeck, holoemitter, holo, rez-faux as key word but, still searching
  8. Hello, I while ago I saw on Marketplace a product (I do not remember the name) which was supposed to make possible the creation of holodeck or multi-scene rezzer that include no modify items. I search for it recently and could not find it. For all items available for builders for the creation of holodecks or multi-scene rezzers, I could find, allowed only the use of COPy and MODIFY items. Does any one know how to include COPY but NO-MODIFY items? May be some of you know about the products I saw a while ago? Thanks
  9. This is a one prim object I created. NOt a sculpt. It was temporaly linked with others which were phantom. Once unlinked, it remained phantom. The phantom option is grayed. Why? What can be done?
  10. Hello Paula, perhaps you could help me. I have a japanese neighbour who does not appear to know how to restrict object sound to her parcel. SHe is streaming in loop Ttanic - Céline Dion and the sound, load goes acrss sims. Truly unsupportable. I tried to explain it to her but I am not sure she got it or if she now how,
  11. Le son est intermittant, non limité par la parcelle, sans lien avec la fonction son ou média de mes parcelles. En fait lorsqu'il joue, il se supperpose au son - musique du terrain. Vraiment biarre et surtout incommodant. Impossible de l'arrêter. Ai vérifié avec les balises pour sources sonores et médias. Sans succès. C'est un peu comme si un voisin proche aurait un haut-parleur! Est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider Dabici
  12. Hello, I am selling most of my land in mainland in Toroge Region - Sartori continent near the nordhest point of road 8. Toroge is rated G and is one of the highest land in the surrounding. I divided it in many lots but rearrngement may be possible. Price vary betwwen a little lower than 1 $L sq to 1.3 $L sq except for two lots along the road. Currently for sale: 1 (256 sq); 3 (512 sq); 2 (576 sq); 6 (800 sq); 1 (1008 sq) 2 (1024 sq); 1 (1344 sq); 1 (2272 sq); 4 (4096 sq); Toroge is a nice looking area ideal for home and landscaping. Proximity of road 8 is an asset. A look at the surround
  13. Hello, I have 8 parcels (contiguous) sat for sale in Castello - Sartori, near end of route 8. Currently the 8480 sq is split in 8 parcels (5 at 1024 sq; 1 at 960, 1 at 1280 and 1 at 1120). WOuld be ready to change subdivision to suit your needs as long as the lots are not sold. to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Castelo/89/229/47 IM me if interested Dabici Straulino
  14. Bonjour, Je viens de compléter mon certificat en mondes virtuels (Université de Washington). La formation s'étale de septembre à juin. Le derniere réalisation dans le cadre de ce cours est la cération d'une île. Notre classe - promotion 2011- a créé une île Maya. L'île sera ouverte au public jusqu'à la fin d'août. Les visiteurs peuvent y découvrir quatre volets différents, Sciences maya (astronomie, agriculture, pêches); mythologie et jeu de balle, médecine et santé et un parcours d'exploration. Tous ceux d'entre-vous qui avez un intérêt pour les application des mondes virtuels en éduca
  15. bonjour Thomas UQTR Je suis québécoise et m'intéresse également aux applications des mondes virtuels aux fins de formation notamment la formation à distance, les simulations et aussi la formation en entreprise. Je viens à cet effet de terminer un certificat en monde virtuel à l université de Washington. Il serait sans doute intéressant de se contacter et voir si nous aurions des intérêts communs. Suggestion: un livre fort intéressant en matière d'apprentissage dans les environnements virtuels immersifs: Kapp, K & O. Driscoll, T. 2010. Learning in 3D. M'envoyer un IM si tu
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