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  1. Thanks! I see on the JIRA that others are having their organizers completely shut down. Thankfully I can still recover textures and sculpt maps from my Kinex board. I can't even imagine losing 5 years of building supplies, that's too scary even for Halloween. While I hate that I had to waste 12 hours yesterday attempting to fix this I guess it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one...
  2. The day before yesterday I was attempting to put some more textures in my Kinex texture organizer and got an error I had never had before... "Unable to add Item!" When I attempted to transfer all of my textures and sculpt maps to a new board, assuming that the original board had gotten broken somehow, everything was going fine until I got this: receive inventory failure: too many inventory items Is there anyone else having this issue? Is there somewhere that we were told this was happening and I missed it? What are the new content limits?
  3. have you gotten an email from LL saying you need to fill out some tax information? Check your support case history, you may have to fill out a bunch of information before your process credit requests will go through.
  4. the easiest way around this is to simply type out the sizes: extra large, extra small, extra extra small... etc
  5. I'm of two minds about reviews as both a merchant and a customer. As a merchant I love getting reviews... of course less so the bad ones. I do not and will never understand the customers who race to post a bad review with out first attempting to contact the merchant. I don't know about other merchants but I WANT to know if I messed something up. However, one time I got a bad review because I mistakenly put an unpacking script in the box that didn't unpack transfer only items. *shrugs* The customer immediately posted a bad review calling me a scammer because they didn't know how to open a b
  6. When it's not allowing me to box selected items I'm doing shift+click to select. When it DOES allow me to box I'm creating a new folder inside the existing folder, placing the items in that folder THEN it will allow me to drag the folder into contents. It's all very odd and infuriating.
  7. Are any of you other builders out there having issues putting items in boxes? For about a month now if I have items in a subfolder, or only want to box part of a folder I have to create a new folder, drag them in there, then drag the folder to the contents of the box OR box the items one at a time. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? example: Textures folder -> loose textures : this boxes just fine Textures folder -> folder in textures folder : must make a new folder IN this folder, add the textures I want to box, THEN I can drag that folder into contents This isn't
  8. When I get that I try going to a different sim, relogging, or just waiting a while.
  9. First off, make sure that the textures you're using are full perm. That could cause an issue. Next, to change the permissions on clothing you make, right click it in your inventory and go to Properties. I know on some viewers there's also an option to change the permissions on the contents of a box. Edit the prim, click contents, then permissions.
  10. It may depend on your viewer. I recently made a rigged mesh sweater touch texture change for a friend. It would not work for her in.. I think it was Singularity but DID work for her in Firestorm.
  11. eh, never mind. I got them all relisted by just clicking the outline of the green check mark on all the inactive listings.. all 800. this was such a waste of a day.
  12. So I struggled and I tried and I got all 918 of my marketplace items swapped over to DD. After much despaire and cursing I look at it with relief only to realize that 700-800 of my 918 items are now not listed. The check box next to these listings is greyed out (can't check it), if I sort by unlisted none of them show there, but they all have NO green check mark under the Listed area until I go and do it one by friggin one using the "actions" drop down list. Anyone with any ideas on how to do this more quickly? Please?
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