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  1. Until when will I get this message please? I get it from days now Have a good day though
  2. Having same issue, jacy, and even if its sounds banal to some, seems to be happening to many lately. Even through very bad consequences No Cease Public Complainings might be the only thing that will finally make issues get fixed faster for customers. Detourning issued persons to LL Support will keep the answer unknown to those many only I will never believe that LL must not be at answering about that alot, but they still just dont give sign of acknowledge at all for answer to the community
  3. Got an answer finally, DaisukeUchihia? ...
  4. I wish you could get an answer, Sascha... I'm concerned actually... 2 weeks already with no signs as if everything was not wrong
  5. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Immerschoen-Girl-Leather-Pants-Laced-Regular-Black/1791522 or with over boots prim: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Immerschoen-Girl-Leather-Pants-Laced-Black-w-Prims-CuffsBottoms/473313 Immerschoen Fashion; great brand, Originals, amazing prices and super confortable.
  6. Thank you so much guys for your presence and your compassion! Yes they were all cached in my knit work... Nothing compares to you guys! I love you! You made my day! I just wish everything would be like that also for all of you who never got back there items. Have a good rl day anyway though! CU!
  7. Hi guys! All of over sudden, at a relog, my inventory has about 10,000 items missing! Many many many folders are only empty now and without any warning or notice. They only thing I did different lately was cleaning my hard disk. Thats the only thing I can attribute to it. You have any ideas where theycould be gone and more than anything, how I could get them back...? If its because of my cleaning, why those items and not others? Thanks guys to be there
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