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  1. Can anyone fashionistas help me track down a hairstyle like this or close to it? Love! :matte-motes-inlove:
  2. The City of Concord is the most established I've seen so far...I spend lots of time there. Theres lots of groups you can get involved in. You have to roleplay though.
  3. I definitely think we'd get along lol ! I apply to all those things. <3 Send me a messege !
  4. Thanks for the encouraging support. I realize nobody made my boyfriend cheat on me. I just feel like it takes 2 to tango. He had my name in his profile, expressing his love for me. I don't understand how someone could disrespect that. I will never be 2nd to anyone. I guess what I was trying to emphasize, is that I'm kind of traditional. I believe in perfect fairy tale endings. I know I need to grow up lol. But loyalty shouldn't be too unrealistic to ask for. Either way, he's wrong. And yes, I am excited to move onward to my bright future and leave him behind in the dark.
  5. *Sigh* What a total disappointment. I had been with this guy for only 3 months but it still sucks. He claimed to love me, want marriage, kids and was fond of the word "Forever." I honestly thought we were going places. Turns out his friends list was full of other woman and he had nude pictures together with some chick. The worst part was I really loved him back. I packed up my things and left without a second thought. I'll be okay - but I feel like I'm losing faith in men. Is true Love on Second Life dwindling ? Where is the ever-lasting Romance? I feel like all I see nowadays is clubs and promiscuous girls with boobs hanging out (That take your boyfriends.) I only know 1 monogomous couple that have been together for a bunch of years. I want that so bad. Am I an outcast for this? Should I give the dream up? Regardless, I'm gonna enjoy the single life and see what happens next...Wish me luck.
  6. Sounds like fun. I have lots of casual outfits I could put together. This gives you an idea of what I look like : )
  7. Hey Jadyn. Whats up hun ? I'd love to be your buddy. I'll hang out with ya ^ ^ You sound fun and nice. <3
  8. I've been wanting to visit a place with tall buildings, shops, maybe Night Life - but it seems like all the Cities in SL are reserved for Roleplaying...I've been out of SL for a little while, so I'm unsure of what the latest hot spots are. My old favorite by Neil Protagonist vanished :matte-motes-crying: If anyone would suggest some normal cities for me, I'd really appreciate it. I miss the vibrant energy I get from them.
  9. "It is strange and hilarious - just like real life"
  10. Haha that honestly could of been me. I use to do that for fun ^^ Oh and if anyone here named Sarah sent me a notecard - you forgot to tell me your SL name *giggle* Sooo I was unable to reply. :matte-motes-oh-rly:
  11. Hey Second Lifers...I'm Megumi. But you just call me Meg. I've been on here since 06. Its honestly been a blast for me since then. I have my own land, job and even found my boyfriend. HOWEVER! Friends tend to come and go...Whats Second life without people to share memories with? I would love to have some girl friends to rent scary movies & have a slumber party with - kind of thing haha. So I would love love love if you dropped me and IM or notecard if you are interested. I'm a very funny, positive person...I can make you laugh. I'm kind of a girly girl (I model) yet love shooting up zombies & things of that nature. If you can make good conversation and wanna make a loyal friend, please get at me ^_^ -Megumi Yoshiyuki
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