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  1. Last year we bought a existing business and the sim associated with it. A few weeks later we found that the previous owner was labeled a racist unwarrantedly because someone was asked to please put on clothing. According to the TOS this is not an acceptable action. We have written several ARs to LL about the group but no one as done anything about it or looked into it. No one in our group is "racist" but it is effecting us in general. Makes a friendly group of individuals look bad. How do we get some type of help stopping this behavior toward us and the people who come to our place for fun? To those posting to this question... nothing is important to you maybe until it happens directly to you. It's happening to us, and if it was happening to you we would care and feel bad, not mock you for poor spelling or make jokes. We didn't even own the place when it started.
  2. This Blog is all new to me. Land was always just that until this last year. Now land is my main focus. How it terra forms, reacts, its physics, the wind, and how prims react on impact with another prim. These last few weeks we have noticed changes in all these and I have been trying to sort fixes with friends in the same type of SL. Can someone please tell me if changes have been made to how things react in general. Did you change sim makeup too because I had to move things lower into the ground and in some places water was peeking out which makes for a difficult game. I spent hours terraforming small areas. We had to make major changes to our sims and the items that make our game work the way they use to. BUT I do have to say those changes have made things more realistic, but it would be nice to learn when these changes get implemented. Can you please let me know how can we keep up with your changes better? We would like to have positive remarks to share with our gamers about why and how.
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