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  1. I'm using alts to test on my parcel, so it's my same viewer, which is the latest SL and Firestorm viewer. I've tried leaving and coming back, relogging, but the parcel EEP settings do not take effect on my alt. This is on a mainland parcel. EDIT: It would appear that an experience must be used for parcel environmental settings for mainland. I'm not sure yet. I've set up an experience and used a script to set a specific EEP setting and it seems to work. I'll play with it some more.
  2. I've set a customized parcel setting, but it isn't triggering for other avatars. I'm using the latests SL version as well as the latest Firestorm. Am I missing something? Use Shared Environment is checked.
  3. Right now, all you're doing is setting FULL_BRIGHT and GLOW. Check out PRIM_COLOR for prim color. Check out PRIM_POINT_LIGHT for light emission color. Detailed info can be found here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetLinkPrimitiveParams#llSetLinkPrimitiveParams Also, I suggest using PRIM_LINK_TARGET instead of 34 in your statements, it's much easier to read.
  4. You could get around having to use a script by putting x copies of the product (packaged in no copy boxes) in the vendor object, rezzing it at the start of the event and deleting at the end of the event. It would require very little effort to set up and maintain and it would save you the cost of a custom script.
  5. If you just want a basic send-to-SQL system, it's not too difficult. Before you begin: Learn Linden Scripting Language, or at the very minimum, how to send/receive HTTP requests and parse incoming data. Learn an appropriate server side language that can receive HTTP requests and access SQL (PHP, for instance). Setup: Find a host service that provides a web server with SQL. I use a Virtual Private Server. Create the SQL database(s) with the desired tables and fields. Write your vendor script that sends sales info to your server through HTTP requests.
  6. Already did. Every place I select gives me the same error. EDIT: Looks like they fixed it. I just logged in.
  7. I'm having the same issue. I can't connect to a simulator.
  8. Idea. Anyone that gets banned from a parcel, have their particles get blocked from the parcel as well. This is currently the last hold griefers have on a location, particle spam. As it is now, I have to leave a sign with the parties to block, so particles from objects in neighboring parcels don't affect my patrons.
  9. Griefers rely on lax owners to succeed. It gives their objects time to duplicate and cause havoc. It's a lot of work to sit and watch your land, but that's what has to be done to overcome griefers. When you ban them quickly, they know you're on point and they can't get away with it. Most move on. Those that are persistent are up against a watchful eye and a ban hammer. They can't win.
  10. Syo Emerald wrote: And banning based on identity might only work for those, who have some sort of identification material linked to their account. If you create a new account now, there is little to nothing to truely identify who it is. You're right, you can't ban by identity, but a robust security system and an active owner (or security employee) will stop griefers quickly, no matter how many avatars they create. If you're faster at banning than they are at making new avatars, it quickly becomes counter-producting for them to even try. I speak from years of experience, it does work to be
  11. Griefing has been and always will be around. Even if you make it "illegal" to own, use or create griefer tools, it's still going to exist. It's like trying to stop software piracy, it's not going to happen. It's like trying to plug security holes in software, someone always finds a way. I've dealt with a lot of griefers in the last several years. Here's what I've learned: A vigilant owner will stop griefing in its tracks. A scripted security system will do wonders against griefers. Griefers eventually run out of avatars and move on. Choosing your location wisely is also a factor. A
  12. The grid can be used for what you need. The grid consists of invisible snapping points, dictacted by the grid unit setting under options window (see options button in your pic). For instance, if you set it for .5, the snapping points will be .5 meters from each other, allowing you to arrange prims using the grid ruler (aka snapping to the grid ruler). You can get desired spacing by using the grid snapping points while moving your prim/object using the axis arrows. If you need help, let me know, I'll be glad to show you.
  13. Second Life isn't GTA V or Just Cause 3. There is no story except the one you create. Second Life is an empty shell, a set of social and creative tools that allow ultimate freedom; a true virtual world made by the users themselves. Thus, it's constantly changing and the content possibilities are literally limitless. You never know what you're going to find around the next corner. Your mistake is thinking of Second Life as a game with a story or some sort of direction. It is not. Second Life is free to experience, without paying. You can't own land, but you can rent it as long as you h
  14. 1999? I think I spent most of that year playing Quake 3 at LAN parties or online... and hanging out on IRC. I'm surprised it took several pages before someone actually came out and said it--Second Life isn't a game. That should've been the first response. Second Life isn't sold in stores, it's not sold on Steam, it's not sold on Origin or any other gaming service. You can't play it on your PS4. You can't play it on XBox (without jumping through some serious hoops). Second Life is a virtual world with limitless possiblities. Content is created by the users themselves. It is a constantl
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