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  1. Hi Second life friends, what is the best way to advertise photo exhibition (art)? What would you recommend? Second life event calender needs timing - events have few hours...but exhibitons last days. Is there any other SL way? I don´t mean social media like FB now. Thank you and have a cool virtual experiences :)
  2. Hello friends, I am looking for a small parcel around 500 prims (price cca 700L/week), full sim - somewhere in the sky, club friendly. We have music events 2 - 3x a week, usually comes about 25 people. I am experienced club owner so I can offer fair and friendly communication, payments on time, trying our best to cause no lag. Over a year we are now on a sim which is so laggy, no matter how many people is on and that is why I am looking for something else. Contact me anytime here or InWorld. Thank you so much and have a cool day.
  3. Well....group tools wont help me. It has nothing to do with any group. Somebody is pretending beeing you. I tried that report abuse. We´ll see. Keep you fingers crossed. Thank you. --||-
  4. Hallo everybody, I have a general question about report abuse. I am a member of small community where people know each other very well. One person started to create alts with similar names of well known avatars. Just with small changes so these names are avaliable but it is easy to think you are talking to someone else. He does this with intention... Is there any way to defend? Has it sence to write report abuse about it? I just don´t want to make LL good laugh and waste their time. For my friends this situacion is very displeasing. But I understand if the name is avaliable - it is avaliable. Nothing we can do :o( What do you think?
  5. Friendly Bear Forest it is new and commercial free - no stores no advertising, nothing like that. Just a forest to go for a walk or ride a small boat and listen slow music. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GB%20Island%20North/12/36/22 - check it and maybe to discover a secret garden )
  6. Dear friends, usualy I am opened for new changes, but this version 3.5.0 (273444) makes me crazy. 1) chat box is really confusing 2) search in my inventory doesn´t work right anymore 3) shortcuts for gestures stopped working 4) teleport button is gone when you talk in ims.... Where are good improvements???
  7. Hi, we love romantic autumn and scary halloween in second life! Woooot!! This year we decided to dedicate to Halloween the whole homestead! Come for scary hangout - enter ..if you dare .o) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GB%20Island%20North/113/67/29
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