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  1. Please check me on this, Jack. If I understand correctly, you are speaking of how large a fresh new prim can be made … 64m where we have been limited to 10m. I don't think you mean the existing megaprims will disappear. A great deal of the in-world construction over the years has been made with megaprims and those works would be ruined by enforcing an upper limit of 64m on all prims. :-( Could you confirm this?
  2. @Lorraine - think Thelma & Louise and drive off that cliff! It'll make a bigger statement.
  3. Kate said, "Non-profits provide most of the help to newbies and they host most of the conferences, discussions, public affairs panels, that interest core users. What would "events" look like without non-profits and educators? Who will teach building classes? Who will host the freebie walls? Who will create all the discussion sites and write the articles about SL that attract interested people to SL... the effects are enormous." @Kate - I imagine this news means non-profits like NMC and NCI and FLWM and others among the non-profits doing a lot of the good basic training camps will see land
  4. So LL is doing away with the education discount entirely. That's truly unfortunate as it will make it even harder for colleges and universities to find the necessary funds. This comes at a time when LL is going to make it possible for high schools to get started in-world with the lower age limit at 15. I wonder if the prospect of a large number of high schools coming into SL has made LL greedy? The downside for SL is educators have been leading the way by showing SL to students, parents and others and giving it an image of acceptability in an era when people fear the Internet. With fewer ed
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