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  1. whoo hoo just got in, waiting to see if it lest me stay now
  2. I been in SL sine 2010 actually 2009 with my 1st I remember spending entire evening sitting trying to log in,, back then on the weekend you could have over hundred thousand logged in, at once, all young ones don't know how bad lag can be lol
  3. Oh boy, this is taking me back I remember not being able to log in for a whole week once. ahhh the memories
  4. well, damn I don't even have the SL viewer downloaded this comp and the website is down anywhere else might have the viewer to download?
  5. started last night they said it as an DDOS attack last night not sure about today
  6. My region restarted over an hour ago and just got booted
  7. oh so that what it was, well maybe the Ruskies where upset about having their curler getting caught for doping last week lol
  8. Probably it the Russians, they are upset that their curler was caught doping
  9. Bash I think what you doing is great and 100% behind yourattempt , trying to get a dialog going is the first step to get changes done, thank you
  10. the last few days I been trying to buy items off the Market Place but the checkout page with the SL cashier just does not load, and is blank refreshing doesn't seem to help either?
  11. Hi there My region Barushyka had a restart ,, ever since I have not been able to rezz my avi properly or see my friends or group list and I can't TP out,, I did a clean reinstall and the Alternate avi I have seems to work fine,, but she is in a different region can anybody help
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