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  1. ha...I don't have an alt...might be a good reason to get one
  2. I got on for about 2 hours...then the same problem...lagging local chat, non-functioning huds...inability to escape via TP...then crash
  3. And I get crashed again - 09:15AM CST 02/27/2018 (07:15AM SLT). Sure hope this problem is resolved soon. Cuz it SUCKS!
  4. meh...crap happens and then we die. This too will pass.
  5. This is getting old FAST!!!!!!!!!! I get in...stay in for about 10 minutes...then it starts all over. Symptoms are: Can't send message in chat, can't use (or close) huds, can't TP out of area then CRASH!!!!!!!!
  6. I can't even get the Firestorm page to come up to enter my login information
  7. I am still unable to login. Is the SL grid still having massive problems?
  8. Did it just happen again? I'm kicked out
  9. OK...glad I checked here...guess I will stop trying to login. SecondLife itself says 'all systems go'..
  10. There's never really a 'good' time is there? ^^ BTW...what's a 'blade wolf'?
  11. I can't login to SL at all, using either Firestorm or the Secondlife Viewer. What's happening?
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