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  1. It would be the biggest money and customers lost for LL. After all, aren't non-premium members using their own real money too, buying L$ and everything they need?
  2. I am not sure i'm posting in the right section, but i really hope someone can help me, anyway? I never noticed before but lately i saw "used items" on market place and, as i would like to get rid of lot of stuff in my inventory, i was guessing if i need a shop onto the mp or if there is another more simple way for selling all that useless stuff...? Thx in advance ?
  3. Hey? Would love to have more infos about the second parcel; could you please send me an inworld nc with price/w, lm and every info you can? Thanks in advance ?
  4. It looks very nice? Could you please send me an inworld nc, with more infos and a lm, to see the place? Thx in advance ?
  5. Could you please send me an inworld nc with landmark? It would be very much appreciated ?
  6. Would like to see the place and maybe i could be interested being one of your hostess? Could you send me an inworld nc, pls? btw i'm from Italy? Thx in advance
  7. Well... i am supposed to have a flickr page but... as i begun logging again only a couple weeks ago, i'm afraid i've lost all my credentials for logging in... i guess i should work on it ?
  8. Thx a lot Talli? I hope they fix it 'cause with me it never works ?
  9. Hey everybody, i hope someone can help me... i dunnow why but i can't upload pics from inworld to my second life; when i take a pic i choose upload on the profile and a red "loading picture" appears but even if i wait 10 or 30 minutes, nothing happens... ? Can anyone pls help me?
  10. Hey? Could you please send me an inworld nc with a lm to your office, so i can see all you got? Thx in advance
  11. Ciao a tutti ( specialmente a tutte ), sono rientrata dopo cinque anni di assenza e molti dei miei contatti sono spariti... come se non bastasse non mi raccapeper nulla con tutte le nuove tendenze riguardanti gli avi e sarei eternamente grata a chiunque fosse così carina da volermi aiutare inworld ? Grazie in anticipo Sas?
  12. Hey, i'm back on SL after 5 years n i'm looking for something to earn some lindens... my time is CET and tonight i think i'll be able to log at 00,30/1,00. i'd love u to send me a nc inworld so i can come and we can meet and see if i can fit some how in one the jobs u offer
  13. Can you tell me something more? An inworld nc would be great thx
  14. Hey me too i'm coming back after 5 years ( i guess) and quite all my all friends are gone... feel free to add me, if u care and dare, lol btw... i'm trying to update all my inventory and to understand everything new, but i'm getting crazy. forgive my english, but i'm italian and i'm doing my best kisses
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