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  1. If that is the case, you could be looking at $495 a month for a full region and $195 a month for a homestead and be wondering if it is still worth being on this grid or is it better to just leave and go somewhere else.
  2. Not to mention there are rumors that all these changes are somehow connected to what is going on and going wrong with Sansar.
  3. I haven't heard or known of any copyright issues with Opersim, even though a bunch of things being sold through the Kitely marketplace can be sent to your avatar on the OS Grid during the checkout process on there, I believe.
  4. What about the volume of complaints and protests with basics going from 42 groups down to 35 groups would create?
  5. And someone here thinks Linden Labs would go on a similar policy of Second Life Self Destruct to try to get you to reconsider continuing your business on an OS or Halcyon based grid out there.
  6. Yeah, this is something that is likely going to really screw with me since I'm already in 42 groups total at this point.
  7. And it had me thinking the Unscheduled DDoS from a month and a half ago was starting up again.
  8. I got in for a bit, but then got booted again shortly after.
  9. The only thing I can find related to that is this: Login Issues Round 4 See https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/vkb5crh5dbl3 and http://e*****up.com/slstats/ Clearly there are serious issues with SL and/or the 'net backbone. These are NOT related to FS. Please avoid making purchases or rezzing no-copy items. FS servers are also down, due to getting overloaded (the viewer pulls the splash page from our servers).
  10. Just tried it again now and I still get this: This site can’t be reached www.firestormviewer.org took too long to respond.
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