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  1. Thanks, Lindal. Yes, I tried that. As I explained above after doing that, it says to contact support to change emails. Fortunately, I don't have to now. (My IMs were going into the SPAM folder; I hadn't realized it)
  2. Thanks for the reply, Alyona. That's what I attempted to do. However, there are required fields and under "Account" issue, the ONLY options are: Abuse Appeal Account Compromised Account Creation Issue Lost Password Reactivate Account Viewer Login Issues Web Login Issues GDPR Request As changing an email address is NONE of those, I fear that selecting one of the above would end up causing more problems than what it's worth. In any event, the good news is my email address is correct. I was wondering why I wasn't getting emails when I was offline. (I was goi
  3. I'm a long-time member of SL. I need to update my email address from an old one and followed the instructions on the account management page. But when I did so, I got this error message: Of course, I then tried to submit a ticket but there is no option in the pull-down menus for updating an email, only things like billing, abuse, cancel account, etc. I assume using a wrong option will end up with no one responding. I doubt any Lindens are reading the Forums, but if a miracle happens, can they please have something more informative as how to update one's email than a generic "
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