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  1. Thanks, Lindal. Yes, I tried that. As I explained above after doing that, it says to contact support to change emails. Fortunately, I don't have to now. (My IMs were going into the SPAM folder; I hadn't realized it)
  2. Thanks for the reply, Alyona. That's what I attempted to do. However, there are required fields and under "Account" issue, the ONLY options are: Abuse Appeal Account Compromised Account Creation Issue Lost Password Reactivate Account Viewer Login Issues Web Login Issues GDPR Request As changing an email address is NONE of those, I fear that selecting one of the above would end up causing more problems than what it's worth. In any event, the good news is my email address is correct. I was wondering why I wasn't getting emails when I was offline. (I was going to change my email to see if that would help). Naturally, I didn't realize it but they were going into the SPAM folder.
  3. I'm a long-time member of SL. I need to update my email address from an old one and followed the instructions on the account management page. But when I did so, I got this error message: Of course, I then tried to submit a ticket but there is no option in the pull-down menus for updating an email, only things like billing, abuse, cancel account, etc. I assume using a wrong option will end up with no one responding. I doubt any Lindens are reading the Forums, but if a miracle happens, can they please have something more informative as how to update one's email than a generic "There was an error processing your request"? Geez!!!
  4. I had the same problem in early 2015. A creator suggested the same thing as noted above and for a time it worked. But Windows likes to automatically update things (which is good for a security standpoint) and I presumably have had an automatic update for Flash because the damned SL TVs no longer work. Is there a feasible workaround to have the necessary version of Flash on one's computer remain there, select it to load before logging on to SL? Or is this just a lost cause to the point that no one should bother buying any creator's products anymore if thinking they can view videos in-world?
  5. Regardless, I think it is a bad policy for LL to limit access to a groups membership's list. Anyone in the group should be able to see a list of members. How many times did you want to communicate with someone who you've met in a group, isn't on your friends list, but who you can't remember their exact user name? Or perhaps you just wanted to see who in the group was online? Or maybe they changed their user name and you're trying to find them? Or you don't recall which of your groups they were in? As I said, bad policy. LL, please reconsider.
  6. Check out the student newspaper, The Crow. Will help bring you to date. :smileyhappy: Last issue, #5, was a few months ago.
  7. vivacious Clarity wrote: SO I have been on a Second Life Break for a while And have came back to Nothing! My old RP sims GONE! Yes I know RP is dying ....but please Pweeez! Help lol.... I don't know how many people are as passionate about RP as Iam but Iam completely in love and I need a nice place to fullfill my roleplay desires! ........ Iam just looking for a community of people who enjoy rp as much as i do and who hopefully are a little bit more active than most sims lol I have already RPd at CD, DE, Eureka High, Rocky Valley, Giano Estates ...I need something new.. I LOVE School roleplay... not just the naughty parts though lol Im more into actually playing out an everyday role.. going to classes, joining a sorority.. exc.. ......... I want a tight knit sort of RP community where i can get to know everyone and stuff lol .. well any suggestions are helpful... Thank you guys so much! ... Hi, Vivacious. Ah, yes. The dreaded "break from SL." lol. I have found that even a one or two month's absence, except for brief log-ins to check messages, pay rent, etc., brings surprises. Yes, it's sadly true that RP isn't what it used to be. Every once in a while I TP to old landmarks - they're gone! As you are an experienced RP'er who has been on SL about as lonog as I have, much of what I have written below I'm sure you already know (and can see so by your profile). But perhaps some of it you haven't thought of or will be of help to others. I do RP at Eureka High School (I think you must have played hookey on days I taught classes - lol), discovering it nearly two years ago (wow! has it been that long?). And I must say, thankfully, the sim is busy enough that one can usually find people willing to engage in RP. The mod's are great and I made many a new friend there. One way to help keep a RP community alive is to engage with newbies, whether new to that sim or to SL in general. When I joined SL six years ago I had absolutely no idea what it was about. I was just looking for a website to help create a better Yahoo! avatar of myself to look more like me in RL. Another thing I have found is that sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. You may find some willing participants for a RP who don't god-mod (i won't RP with those that do) but nonetheless have certain, let's just say, "expectations" of you and leave it at that. When that happens sometimes you just have to be willing to drop your guard down a bit and go along - and perhaps make a new friend for future RPs that are more to YOUR liking. If, as it sometimes does happen, the RP goes down a road you later wish it hadn't, rest assured it's only your SL reputation that is in the gutter for a while. :smileyembarrassed: My preference for a RP, whether I initiate the conversation or not, is to let the RP take on a life of it's on after it begins. You'd be surprised how often a RP will take on an unexpected twist if you don't try to "mange" it. It also helps the RP community if RPers would at least try to create some background for their character, whether incorporating aspects of RL as I do, or not. Yes, SL's character limits in the profile and pick sections (as well as the maximum of ten picks) are sadly inadequate (one of my biggest pet peeves about SL). Fortunately, there is a solution. Many sims (like Eureka HS) have web forums. If a sim does, encourage other players - especially those new to the sim - to join it and create at least a basic profile and link to that profile from their SL profile page, preferably from a favorite "pick" that TP's to that sim. If you want to go further, create a blog for your SL character and post snapshots, stories, background, etc. Use your "picks" to expand your SL profile and perhaps most importantly, set forth your RP limits. People DO read profiles and they DO look at your dislikes and likes. When other RPers do that, they have a better idea of how to interact with your character. Use your SL profile and "picks" to link to your sim profiles or to your blog. Note that there are snapshots of you, more detailed profile information, RP limits, etc. Yes, it's true, that some SL members might want to engage in a RP where they don't want the whole world to know what is happening. But there's an answer to that - go to a private location in the sim or elsewhere. But if you are in a place where privacy is not expected (and that by the way includes locker rooms, classrooms, etc) then you shouldn't be upset if someone else interacts with you or another RP'er in local chat. (If you don't want the RP interrupted, a short IM to the other person should suffice. If not, you have no right to complain.) Lastly, and I know others have a difference preference, is that I conduct all RP in local chat - no exceptionsm which I state in my SL profile. Yes, that means that my RP conversations can be "overheard" by others, including often embarrassing moments that I might otherwise wish weren't. But doesn't that happen in RL, too? If I as a teacher had a humiliating experience that occured in a RP of which all the details (i.e. "chat") was overheard by others, in RL could I honestly expect that "rumors" wouldn't be spread by my students?
  8. It's very annoying. If only one could be certain whether it's a graphics card issue, settings or a bug. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. Using Firestorm 4.4.2 Am I missing some solution that's already been posted somewhere? Have searched and experimented without success.
  9. Already noted earlier problems in this thread: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/What-s-up-with-all-the-viewer-problems-Can-t-get-anything-to/qaq-p/2070981 Unlike the past several nights, were I was able to get a stable connection for hours after one or two crashes, tonight the Firestorm Viewer crashing time and time again when it gets to the "loading world" part. I can only assume this has something to do with the SSE rollout changes. Nothing has change on my end, so I can only surmise the rollout is causing even more significant system requirements than two days earlier. Sometimes I get a "region logout has begun" message, but I doubt that message is really accurate because you shouldn't be getting that message after every third or fourt hlog-in attempt during a half hour period. I am also beginning to wonder if, despite my DSL connection being able to handle SL quite well for hours - once I'm finally logged on successfully after five minutes or so that is - DSL is capable anymore of handling the initial log-on. If not, I wonder it LL knows this and just hasn't (or doesn't want to or even realizes it) update their minimum requirements to state that a cable connection is needed? At least (I assume) I can use the old Phoenix viewer to log in to at least use chat (will soon test that) and say goodbye to friends? Because, although I appreciate the many suggestions and help from volunteers here, it is just becoming too frustrating and too time-consuming to try to figure this out. Perhaps I'll make one last attempt to remain a member of the SL community and attempt to use a cable line instead of DSL after needing help to get that hooked up and tested. Frankly, it won't be a priority. I'm open to testing SL on a friend's computer but frankly, beyond downloading the software, I don't know what that means in terms of files on my computer. Do those have to be copied over in order for SSE capabilities to work? Thank you again to all those who volunteer their time and expertise in helping us technophobes out.
  10. Thanks to the suggestions by members who responded to a previous quesiton, I've since been able to successfully log in with the Firestorm 4.4.2 viewer. It has still crashed after logging in a few times but I've also had several sessions were I voluntarily logged out after an hour or two. However, Firestorm doesn't seem to be saving my chat logs. In addition, the area in ''Preferences" --> "Network & Cache" --> Chat logs location: is greyed out (i.e. can't set the cursor into the box or type anything into it to name a file location). The folder \AppData\Local\Firestorm\ does exist and I've already selected the "show hidden files" option. Also, when I click the "privacy" tab (even before entering my password and logging into SL), I get what I can only describe as flashes and flickering like lightning across the privacy box when viewing the "general" tab before the program crashes. But a quick look at it shows the box under chat logs are all grayed out (meaning I can't mark or unmark them) except the one that says "show seconds in chat and log timestamps." I also get that flashing when I try to view the tab "Chat" --> "Notifications". Thank you. UPDATED: I have found the IM chat files under AppData--> Roaming --> Firestorm --> Belinda --> But there is no file saving local chat, just the IMs between me and other users. I can only assume maybe there's a preference I'm unable to save from the software interface because the program crashes when viewing the tabs "Chat" --> "Notifications" and "Privacy"--> "General". Is there a way to instruct the software to save local chat by editing a file someplace? UPDATED: Thanks for responding, "Helper" Unfortunately, as I mentioned, even viewing the "Privacy"--> "General" for more than a few seconds causes Firestorm to crash. Also, the ''Save nearby chat logs on my computer (may cause lag)'' option is grayed out and the check box cannot be clicked on. Same to with the box for the ''chat logs locations.'' It's grayed out and so are the three click boxed to the right: open, set reset. Those problems occur whether just having loading Firestorm or after already connecting to SL.
  11. I've been on SL for over 4 years now and that may be coming to an end. Will you stick with SL if you can't get a working viewer? Hardly ever had problems with Viewer 1. Viewer 2 started ok, then one of the updates started crashing consistently so I switched to Phoenix. I can count the times on my fingers that I've suffered crashes with Phoenix. It's worked great! But now that's not going to being supported any longer with the new server side issues coming soon and will basically be non-functional. Downloaded and installed the latest Firestorm. Crashed immediately upon opening snapshots or preferences or even teleporting. Same thing with the latest official Second Life viewer. So too with Singularity. These were not region log out issues or connectivity problems. The thing is I meet or exceed all the minimum requirements - that Linden Labs says is needed anyway. My drivers are current. My net connection is stable. I have 6 GB of RAM. 2.4GHz machine using Windows Vista. Computer is in fine shape. It's a 64-bit machine but, as I understand from postings, other users use 64-bit with no issues. If one needs to start having a degree in computer sciences to play Second Life, then it may be time to throw in the towel. ===================================================== Thank you all for the responses: To PuttanaChic: With both Firestorm and the SL viewer, logging on is successful, but then it almost immediately crashes within about a minute or sooner, especially if I go to certain tabs on the 'preference' screen or try to TP. With Singularity, it appears to login and then immediately crashes (never had Singularity installed previously). I had never before installed Firestorm either (although have left Phoenix alone, since that's the only way right now I can log on and use SL at all). To Dresden Ceriano: Yes, I did read all the instructions. Haven't yet gone about asking the support group. but will, although not optimistic about success. To Rolig Loon: My Dell XPS is just over four years old. It's very good at multi-tasking with software, but the crashes occur even without anything else major operating. By comparison, while using Phoenix, I can also be watching YouTube, have a dozen browser windows open, be number crunching on Excel, using photoshop software, playing music on MediaPlayer and not have the thing give a hiccup. My DSL connection is reliable 99% of the time and I have no other connectivity issues. I've rebooted the router and it otherwise holds a steady connection for pretty much anything else (youtube, news site videos, I've watched 2-hr streaming movies on it). Not using anything wireless. Cables are all good. I keep the machine pretty clean; it doesn't get abused. Graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 280. I'd have no qualms about spending a little bit of money on a different graphics card if I knew that was the issue and that it would solve the problem. "System requirements" says you need a "NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better." But the best as I can tell from reading the web is that my graphics card is a "10th generation" Nvidia, far exceeding Linden Labs stated requirements (6600 being a "6th'' generation card). A more detailed system requirement page with a comprehensive list of all known processors, drivers, etc. that are know to work would be much more helpful. It really isn't that difficult. I would think the tech-savy employees of LL could have such a page updated and posted in a day or so. But it could help many users much more easily diagnose problems. Dell tech support recently made sure I did in fact have the most recent drivers installed. So I was able to rule that out as a problem. They also confirmed that my processor is SSE2-compliant. I can try hooking it up to a cable connection, an expense that is OK if I knew it would solve the problem. It's more of a pain that anything else in doing that, not to mention I'll have to bribe my roommate's kid brother for the favor in helping me re-sort cables, routers, update my email configurations, etc., and change it all back if that doesn't solve the problem. I suppose I can throw my dignity to the wind and start with oh pretty pretty pleases, strip down to the barest of necessities and get his help for the half day or so it will take to do all that. Same with the router and modem, not a big cost but I kind of feel it might be a useless stab in the dark. I have no idea if anti-virus software could be an issue, but if it was why initially an OK connection with the official viewer and Firestorm until I tried to do certain things (such as changing preferences)? I do feel Linden Labs could do a much better job on noting the system requirement end, perhaps even listing which systems perform the better. As you indicated, computers do become outdated and sooner or later we all need to upgrade for issues beyond a mere game. For example, LL states compatibility is uncertain with ''NVIDIA cards that report as Quadro''. Like, what the hell is that supposed to mean? Why not just list those graphics cards instead? Is that really so hard for LL to do? I realize Linden Labs wants to pursue upgrades which are intended to make SL more usuable and enjoyable. But at the same time maybe the tech department people need to have better communication with the business end of things because if there's a big drop-off in user activity because of viewer problems that impacts the bottom line. For every user like me who posts a plea for help how many just give up on SL altogether? How many users will SL lose when the switch occurs in a week or so, 5%, 10%? Expecting people to upgrade from fairly high-end computers that seem to easily exceed stated system requirements every few years isn't a business model for retaining customers. Would anyone buy a brand new expensive TV every two years if their cable provider said they won't be able to watch anything unless they upgraded it? That would not be a successful business model. And while it great that you and others graciously help others with suggestions (I and do appreciate everyone's answers, it does help with the process of elimination), the truth is it's Linden Labs who should be doing that or at the very least making self-diagnosis and trouble-shooting easier. ===================================================== UPDATED 7/7/13 Rolig, I appreciate the follow-up response. Thank you. I read the links you suggested and configued Norton to "Allow" the viewers as opposed to "Auto.'' (Phoenix had been set to "Auto." - I left that setting alone.) Also did another re-install of Firestorm (keeping the old Phoenix viewer in its own "Phoenix" folder - just in case). On one try I was able to stay in one place for about 30 minutes. I was able to be on long enough to notice that the lag meter was flashing yellow and red under Network, with it saying ''connection pint time is 300-600 ms, possible bad conneciton or file sharing app.'' Client and Server were green. I was able to TP, chat, check my preference settings, take a few hi res snapshots. But eventually it crashed during a RP, so I switched to Phoenix to continue before logging off for the evening. I was able to talk to a Norton help specialist today who showed me how to turn off, what LL refered to on the "Using Second Life with a firewall" page as "internet worm protection" under Norton settings. Apparently, Norton doesn't call it by that term anymore in Norton 360. No wonder all the ''help'' pages on the WWW with detailed instructions about what to do and where to go to do that in the Norton software setings were useless. It's now apparently called SONAR and after disabling the "smart firewall'' I was able to then log on using Firestorm and had a stable connection for well over an hour before voluntarily signing off. Conducted snapshots, TP, preference checking, changing appearances, chatting, group chatting. So your suspicions look right on. I'll of course know more once the actually LL changes occur this week for viewing avatars and see if problems still persist after that. Also, have to remember that certain firewall settings are now disabled when using SL so caution needs to be excercised (meaning forget about checking email and using any but the most trusted internet sites). It never ceases to amaze me how much more help and assistance one can receive from members of the Second Life extended community instead of directly from Linden Labs. It may be a bit staff-intensive to do at first, but LL really should have a better problem-solving "handbook" of sorts. As you said, there are quite a number of CPUs, graphics cards, firewall software and such out there. I don't know how much they budget for technical help, but most people can get by with step-by-step, detailed instructions. I stuck with this and with the help of you, others here who offered tips and links and Dell and Norton technicians I spoke to on the phone, was able to (hopefully, crosses fingers) solve this. How many users would have just given up? Who knows. But hopefully LL hasn't underestimated the impact of this change over and loss of users. If they have, it doesn't just hurt their bottom line, it hurts all of us. We all want LL to be robust and profitable and the more users the better. (And hopefully, all the latest viewers won't be obsolete in a month or two. When I buy word processing or editing software or update or buy a new computer, I expect it to last and be farily current for several years.)
  12. ''most all the mesh clothes have multiple sizes but they all have huge boobs on them. I have many friends that are going through this same problem. My suggestion to the creators is add flat chest sizes to the womens clothing'' I agree. (And Suki, this isn't just an issue for teens. Some of us adult women have flat chests as well.)
  13. How does one actually ''roll-back'' to 3.2.1? Thanks.
  14. Without getting into the whole he said/she said argument, I too have been experiencing frequent crashes every since upgrading to 3.2.5 this week, mostly as soon as I log on. Ironically, if I don't crash with a few minutes, SL has remained stable until I've logged off. (by "crash", I mean SL crashing, not the whole computer) I am not going to rule in/rule out certain things (overheating, graphic cards, etc.). I do have a fairly new computer, have experience no grahpics issues with any other programs and do have a pretty intense working desktop most of the time (which I've of course cut down when using SL). But I do know that under previous versions, SL might have crashed on me a handful of times a year (been on SL since 2009). Whatever it is, a bug, 3.2.5, more intense graphic requirements, etc, I'd prefer a much, simplier "quick fix." Meaning, how does one go back to using the previous viewer? Or, which third-party ones are recommended by users here? Thank you.
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