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  1. Actually it only partly worked. The Lab seems to be having a problem finding my PayPal account (note: sarcasm). So while the sale is recorded the payment is "In Progress" and has been for a few days. It's called "float time."
  2. Yeah I know. And I'm trying believe me. And thanks to Chic Aeon for the tip.
  3. I sold all my land and got paid and took the money out of SL in dollars. So that all worked. Now how do I go about resetting my tier level -- specifically how do I lower it from $25 a month to $0.00? My online account still shows me owning some 4000SqM and having a $25 per month payment. The radio buttons lower down don't work. I know SL charges full tier for ownership of any part of a month and I don't want to get a September bill. Thanks. T. Moore
  4. I'm unable to get the log-in page with the new viewer (3.2.4). I get a black screen. My OS is Ubuntu 11.10. Earlier versions work fine. Other viewers work too. No hardware changes to my setup. What did you guys do to it? :))
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