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  1. I just downloaded the linked Project Viewer and I can't seem to find any CHUI. Everything looks as normal as V3 gets, and there doesn't appear to be any option to bundle everything together into one floater or whatever. Everything is still separated, and I hope it stays that way with only the option of squishing everything into one window if people want to. It sounds like a clunky/overly condensed way of handling chat/communication, and from what I can imagine, it's a devolvement of the current floaters used in the V3 hud (which are devolved from V1 floaters).
  2. So with an overwhelming "no" to this particular..."feature"/downgrade, when can we expect it out? 1-2 months? LL has a history of either A. Showing it a few weeks fews to a month or two before a new "feature" is about to be crammed down our throats, or B. Asking our opinion, making us believe they care, and then cramming it down our throats in the same time frame.
  3. Don't care, sculpties seem to be pulled off better than mesh, because they simply work, and aren't as fussy. They seem to be on par with one another in terms of visual appeal, and sculpties seem to be easier to push out, so...No to mesh. Let the people who have the skills and technology over charge buyers of whatever they wanna make
  4. There's easily a dozen or two (or more) grammatical mistakes that could be solved by dropping this in a spell checker, as well as at least a handful or two of spelling mistakes. Is there a purpose to this village (or a purpose to live in this village), other than being the victim of a various monster? More description on what happens/daily activities would be nice~
  5. (TL;DR at the bottom) The current SL Inventory I feel is superior to this new 'folders' view, just for the simple fact that I can manuever things wherever I want IN my Inventory without having to rename them something so they can be in alphabetical order. I purposefully have my inventory in a way that has various items UNDER all of my Animations/Body Parts/Calling Cards/etc. standard SL folders (this goes for all the folders I have IN the standard SL folders as well, they're organised in a particular fashion that's most-to-least used, and not alphabetical), so that I can be more organi
  6. This is NOT an AppData issue, and thus, I'm at wits end regarding this issue. My friend has NEVER used or installed SL before, and it's crashing at VFS initalizing. I've installed SL to find it crashing, and have thoroughly uninstalled SL, registry, app data and everything, with a restart and all that noise - I've been thru like 50+ pages of Google hits and they pretty much all have the same appdata-erase-and-it-works thing, but that doesn't work. I've done it again and again and again like every step-by-step guide states, for each viewer I've tried, and no avail. Still crashing every single
  7. Glad to see that LL is still trying to keep up with the Phoenix viewer, yet they're the fat kid in this race, and we've seen them getting winded once before - Still playing catch up though.
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