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  1. "I also don't believe the witch trials had anything to do with magic other than a cover story for those doing the killing. That is not an attack on you or your beliefs." "Maybe it is because you started discussing by using analogies and metaphors" Go back and reread my post. I said that same thing basically. I said I don't think they did magic, and gave someone credit cause he said it was all a excuse to just go out and kill cheating women. I agreed there. If it was true which it probably isn't, I still consider that healing a form of magic. Also, I never started this conversaiton with analogies and metaphors. Prove to me where I used any at one point in my posts. Again, go back and reread what I said. I gave the definition for the word magic, that's all that needs to be said. As for calling someone names and saying they won, that in NO WAY, shape or form makes that person lose an argument. You're crazy to think that. I could so throw out extremes, but I'm not gonna waste my time bothering.
  2. I had my bank account on my paypal, so that helps me buy lindens here. I find it bull**bleep** really cause Sl didn't use to require you to verify with a bank account then, but now it does, and adds these annoying measures. Oh won't surprise me soon they will require you to submit date of birth records, photo ID's just to prove your age. Anyhow, once you put a bank account on your paypal, and able to buy lindens, you can remove your bank account from paypal although paypal is safe, but sometimes people get hacked on SL, with their email attached and all. So, i'd recommend taking off your bank account once you're able to buy lindens.
  3. Haha, that's awesome, and no, I was mostly adding more to the definition like the adjectives, and sentences. Don't even think I needed to make a post that entirely large, just the definition alone proves my point exactly. Me tho? I can post pretty big, my blog is crazy with those big posts of rants, but at least it's different than your typical fashion blog that seems to have a new one popping up every other minute. But sorry tho! I also doubt this thread will go back to the OP's first orginal post, regardless of it being in the wrong sub section here on the forums, but it is a general topic however. This stuff is interesting tho! How's it useless, what do you have going on in your email that could possibly be more important?!
  4. I just read what you just read, and wondered why you posting this? I doubt anyone here knows of anyone of those guys lol. However, it is fun to get on youtube and watch Ted troll secondlife! He's by far one of the most hilarious trolls that does SL trolling, but in a more casual way than just being hardcore. So go to youtube and search "Ted Second Life trolling". Grab some popcorn as he exposes some nut cases.
  5. "BTW, I fixed your spelling and grammatical errors for you.. Seeing as you want a "good, smart discussion." Hypocrite much? What's with the 2nd period after you? Also, the last period comes after your quotation marks. Nice generic male avatar you got there, you look very original! Since you called me out, fair enough, deserves a response from me. That post was made past 4:00 AM in the morning, lets just disregard that, and you should argue my main post on the first page as that goes along with the topic of the thread that got derailed by some girl who I replied back to(ok, the thread was derailed before that too). As for why the witch trials were started, it doesn't matter, that's completely irrelevant, don't even know why you brought that up. It's more about what people saw, and thought, especially heard at the time this whole event was going on. You're out of your damn mind if you don't think for a second there were rumors of women, demons, witches performing evil magic. Sorry, but this debate is pointless. I'm willing to bet that lots of people people heard of stories with the word "magic" used. As for curing people with the snap of a finger, that was not to be taken literally, but you took it that way, you're probably one of those losers who hold people politically correct to. As for that tho, yeah I know full well they didn't just snap their finger, and poof something remarkable happened although to be fair on that, there is some movies that dispict someone snapping their finger and something happens, but for the most part, other movies dispict a bunch of wand waving, and stuff, again irrevelant. I threw that line in to get to the end of it because if you were to make something disappear like Criss Angel does, that's magic. Again, you must not be a bright bulb if you can't see that. Obviously it's also an optical illusion too, again don't hold me politically correct cause I know what it is, but it's a form of magic, or is it really that hard to understand? The main rebuttal the woman above replied back tho was on the witch trials saying they didn't perform magic, and were healers, so lets get back to that. Yes, they were healers no doubt according to what people believed, BUT THEY PERFORMED A FORM OF MAGIC. Now to own you on that, lets look up the default definition of "magic' shall we? mag·ic /ˈmajik/ adjective 1.used in magic or working by magic; having or apparently having supernatural powers"a magic wand"synonyms:supernatural, enchanted, occult FROM Merriam dictonary Full Definition of MAGIC 1 a : the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces b : magic rites or incantations 2 a : an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source b : something that seems to cast a spell : enchantment 3 : the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand ADJECTIVES! adjective 8. employed in magic:magic spells; magic dances; magic rites. 9. mysteriously enchanting; magical:magic beauty. 10.of, relating to, or due to magic. 11. producing the effects of magic; magical:a magic touch. verb (used with object), magicked, magicking. 12. to create, transform, move, etc., by or as if by magic:I magicked him into a medieval knight. That definition alone is all that needed to be said in reponse to your troll bait, but I'm bored, so why not? So those supposed "women" doing all this healing wasn't a form of being supposedly supernatural? Last I checked, they were performing something, and again, takes a bit of magic to just off and heal someone. It's a supernatural thing to do, just because they didn't wave a wand around and say hokus pokus, or turn someone into a damn frog doesn't make it any less magical, it's just a different form. Also, I know they didn't really probably do magic, nor do I think Jesus Christ turned water into whine if he existed, I think people over exaggerated what they saw back then, but that's my opinion, and no one in this world will be able to prove if Jesus really could do all those things because we never saw it happened, nor do we have a time machine. Also, I will give you credit tho on them using the whole "magic, evil witch thing" just to kill them cause they were cheating, and so all the guys needed a reason. Also to your last post about how many died. That's irrelevant, I just said lots died, that's all that needed to be said, I really don't need a historical lecture on this as I have already had that, the main topic was about souls, and god, but got derailed, and I was only responding to the woman who replied back to me saying that that witches didn't perform magic. It's a form of magic, I'm done arguing, even looked up the definition for you, that's more than enough, but you're probably going to be in denial of what is, and what isn't. So yeah, healing someone with powers is performing magic, ever heard of healing magic? Useless kinda debating someone in denial LOL. I bet you probably don't even consider light forms of BDSM if it don't involve the traditional things that is shown on TV, but that's another whole topic all together. TL, DR, damn I'm good! Just owned three people on the boards today, who's next?
  6. I guess you didn't learn to read as I've not replied to you on this thread until now. Nor have I replied to you on my recent thread I made. So I have no clue as to what you said. By the way, I'm not the one who made this thread, not sure if you know that or not, but someone else did, and I'm simply replying back to it with my own thoughts. You have not added anything to contribute but tried to be funny, and failed. Scooby - Smarter than Alec responding back to Alec's failed attempts. Now please go back to your native language. Alec - the unhinged displaying their inadequacies for PUBLIC* entertainment. (There I fixed it for ya since everyone else seems to be a grammar nazi these days, why not)?
  7. It would work if you could give everyone an inititive to still pay for memberships. As I've said, updated linden homes for those who pay, like a mesh linden home with way more prim limits, maybe spacing. I'd still bet, people would still pay, and some who never had a membership, just might look into it. I don't know ANYONE who pays for the membership just to get the linden home, I truly don't. I know one or two who pay and have a membership, but again, they never strictly paid just to have a home. Also for those who do pay, it seems more than half, almost all don't even use the linden home given to them.......
  8. I could tell you weren't a native English speaker by the way you read my words. With me saying I get tired of paying for land, that's more so a general statement, I never followed up on that, but I'll give you a pass on it tho, I can see it as a complaint which followed my suggestion sort of speak that I admit I did not word correctly, and specifically. The whole suggestion thing tho is kinda the main thing actually, suggesting they give those who pay mesh linden homes, everyone who don't pay, the basic outdated crappy homes with low prim limits. I would have added more but didn't. As for the supposed 2nd question, honestly that wasn't a complaint, that was a question that was genuine since I don't come onto the forums much, I think my posts represent that and I was really wanting to know if they listened, and again, my blog is something full of complaints, even called "The Confounded Ramblings Of An Angry Blogger". Again, if you read my blog, you'll see me complaining as I will attack something consistently with drawn out posts. And of course a small percentage helps, I know that, but you made it seem as if it mattered so much, and acted as if people didn't buy into memberships, there would be no SL. News flash, there still would be an SL cause they make loads from people buying lindens for whatever reason.
  9. Way to take my words out of context, please for the love of god who probably don't exist, never reply to me again, or even hop on a discussion such as intellectual as this when it's apparent you're retarded. Ok first off, TO THOSE PEOPLE IN THAT TIME, THAT DAY, THAT ERA, THAT GENERATION, THAT YEAR, THAT HOUR, THAT MINUTE, THAT MOMENT they thought it was magic, actually, they thought it was the work of the devil, or evil magic rather. To be technical with your small brain here, now bare with me as I try to keep this simple for you to understand. If I was to go and heal someone with cancer, techincally, that is indeed a form of magic, whether you choose to believe it or not is a different story. Making something disapear with a snap of a finger=magic. Healing someone, and curing them with the disease completely gone within their body =magic. Also, obviously they probably never did such things as people thought, so sadly they got slaughtered, lots of innocents. Now go back to bible thumping please, and get off this thread so we other people can have a good smart discussion:p
  10. Posting this from one of my rants on my rant blog So I've asked this question on Yahoo answers, no one has really answered, nor refutes a statement I made. So, if there was a heaven and all, there would undoubtedly be a soul in every human being right? I mean if god existed, and so did heaven, we would have a soul since if we were to die, this "soul" would be sent somewhere. The statement I made was pretty simple, I read a interesting piece on brain transplants which involve removing the head of something and basically putting it on another body. I read that an actual brain transplant was performed on a dog, and it lived up to nine days before dying from infections. Now that's pretty crazy, soon we might be attempting such a feat on humans because I read an article about a man in poor condition willing to do an operation like this within the next two years or so. The doctor is pretty confident. Personally, I think it will go wrong, but if it does go right, and this dude gets a new body, this would almost prove 100% that we DO NOT HAVE SOULS. If we have no soul, that would mean there would be no heaven right or are we going to claim the soul is now inside your brain and not your body? So much **bleep** goes on in this world, you'd think a god would have ended it by now or revealed that he existed whether it's jesus, or allah, or whoever. The only hope I have of it being real with heaven and all, and the only somewhat evidence that "Jesus" could have been a real person once is the fact that religion has been around since the beginning of time, and the talk about Jesus has been going on since like the beginning of time, and if his name has been passed generations upon generations, maybe it's possible he did walk this planet once. Other than above, I see no solid evidence, nor will I ever think there will be. I'm agnostic, but if the whole brain transplant thing is a success and if it happens, it will open a door to so many questions, and make people question. I'd personally say there is no god if it's a success. I mean lets be honest people, back in the day you had the whole Jesus thing going on, and had the whole witch trials happening, in both events, Jesus could perform such miracles, and these "witches" could perform such magic. How come you never see this happening today? I've never seen anyone on youtube or on the internet that could perform real magic, or turn water into whine without some catch or illusion like Criss Angel or David Copperfield, or David Blank does. I think the brain is something powerful of course, but I think Heaven might only exist inside your head, so try to find a peace of mind, and be happy in life cause that would be Heaven. Speaking of Heaven/Hell, imagine how many souls/people would be there? Billions upon billions and billions of humans have died, and these places would be **bleep**ing crowded as hell. There would be no TV, video games, or anything cause how could it be created? I cannot possible see this sadly. Oh and what bull**bleep** about forgiveness is too. Your run in the mil serial killer on death row only needs to come to god and pray for forgiveness and after a last meal, he will now be sent on his way to heaven.
  11. Funny, cause I can see tons of reasons why somebody might not be able to "get" premium. Not gonna bother listening the reasons why either cause lots of them are common and obvious to anyone with half a functioning brain. As for your RL to SL extremes used, not gonna bother to comment, but that was a funny read, thank you for that at least. Now please argue the above, and tell me why EVERYONE in SL should be able to get premium cause I know for a fact that not everyone (not specifically me) but not everyone is blessed enough to be able to, and if you can't think of the reasons, then I feel bad for you.
  12. You must have been 8 years on the wrong SL then or just not have a clue in general. So I'll probably call out all of your guys's post one by one without being too hard on you. First off Six. Premium members are a SMALL percentage in helping LL "pay their bills". They make so much because of the people that buy lindens/upload rather. That's where most of it comes in. Well, there's also reasons people upload too, but you can probably use your head hopefully and find some, and given so many people do it, that's hundreds and thousands of dollars EVERYDAY opposed to one month where a less number of people pay premium. Hell, I don't think I have any friends but 2 who have a membership out of my rather large friends list. Also, I wasn't complaining you idiot, learn to read, BUT if I were to complain, then you'd be complaining about me complaining which makes you a hypocrite, must be nice right? Heck, my blog is dedicated to complaining and ranting, so go there and look and see how that's so different LOL. didn't think I had to type that one out. No tho, I was asking, but more so OFFERING a suggestion/tweak to how the membership works in which seems most overlooked. Why not give the outdated old looking linden homes free, but offer a new type for memberships like a mesh homes that's updated, looks better, maybe even gives you more prim limits?
  13. EDIT; Going to change this post around cause people are taking things out of context and not using their heads. So, as I've said linden labs should offer people linden homes (no idiot's that does not mean I as a person think everything should be free) My suggestion is simply why not give out free linden homes throughout, and make NEW MESH LINDEN HOMES WITH BETTER PRIM LIMITS, SPACING FOR THOSE WHO PAY? I'm throwing this in caps now since it's a suggestion. This time, I'll follow up on this suggestion, add my own thoughts to it. People will still pay for monthly memberships regardless if linden homes became free, most people who buy the membership in the first place don't even use their linden home, and this is a fact. Also most people who buy a membership, don't even buy it for the linden home, but buy the membership just for the sake of it I guess, for better account managment and all cause I don't know anyone on SL who's personally said to me that they got their membership cause they wanted a linden home. I know a few people who are premium, they don't even use their homes given, and I'm pretty sure that goes for most people. Updating the linden homes to kick ass mesh houses for those who pay still gives an inititive to still pay from those who already do, and might even bring in more people willing to throw down on a membership. Give them more prims, more spacing. I think having a home is important, sometimes you can't always pay for one or lets say KEEP paying for one so long due to things that go on, so yeah. Also, I asked, has LL ever listened to what the community wanted? That's a question.
  14. So, I have a few ongoing SL issues the last few months, would like to see if anyone would know the problem, my assumption is my graphics cards suck, or I should swap places with them. Ok, so first problem, this has been going on for about a year, the problem is when I login, I see myself grey. To fix the issue, I usually remove one mesh item along with the layer, then edit my appearance, and problem solved. BUT why am I grey when I go to login? What's causing this to happen? My slow internet? Also, other people can be pretty grey too unless they get naked, then I see em good lol. I know its me and not them tho, its on my end. I am using singularity viewer by the way. Ok second problem just started happening a few months ago, my avatar will freeze, chat, voice, and all. Now, I DONT have a black or white screen or anything, but I free for like 15 seconds, and then everything continues, its like a pause or something. This happens every few minutes. That's the problems I have, any idea?
  15. Oh I found the problem, it wouldn't work on singularity, but on the normal viewer it works!!! Now I just hope the latest singularity will let me send them to marketplace
  16. Alright, so I drag or click send to merchant box, then click send to marketplace and every single time it says "failed because there was a system or network error". Anyone have any clue as to what to do about this? I try going to the import log failures and nothing even comes up=/
  17. Alright, so I drag or click send to merchant box, then click send to marketplace and every single time it says "failed because there was a system or network error". Anyone have any clue as to what to do about this? I try going to the import log failures and nothing even comes up=/
  18. I will be adding a image to what the problem looks like i took this after a character test in which the skin i added back was still weird.. It's basically my avatar's skin somehow gets messed up from time to time, and from the neck down, it's noobie skin, and some people see it that way, or they see me as a cloud. I am trying to determine the problem of what's causing this. I am thinking it could be the belleza skin, or maybe it's the viewer aka singularity, or perhaps even mesh(which I also have a problem with) the problem with the mesh is when i take my mesh stuff off, those parts of me go inviisble for a few minutes sometimes. Anyhow, back to the main problem... This started happening about 4 months ago I am guessing. The first time it happened I think was I crashed, and came back on SL, then cleared my cache... Maybe I switched viewers to singularity, Idk, but it occured around then. It's a complex problem I think because, even if i clear cache which i usually do last since it worsens the problem, it don't help... BUT something I noticed is when i got this problem, and i edit my appearance, the skin looks ok sometimes, and soon as I go out of the edit mode, it messes up again, sometimes its just been me as grey. I tried a other skin, and dont think the other skin had that problem, so im wondering if its the skin..... Is there a way to repair the skin? Someone told me if i bought the same skin, then well it will have the same problem since i already have a UUID od that skin but wouldnt buying it make a new one? Also when it first happened a few months ago, simply going to firestorm fixed the job i think, but now it dont so i was thinking if it was singularity. I only have 1 tattoo layer, and a sock layer which is a tat. the skin or could something in my inventory be making me have these types of problems?
  19. I don't look at SL as a game at all. I do however feel at the end of the day that SL may be a waste if you don't do one of these two things. 1 Try starting a business. 2 Finding love. Other than that, I look at sl as a waste at the end of the day when its time to call it quits because there goes the friends and the time you could have spent doing stuff in real or being productive.
  20. Was just wondering what are some good ways to keep your account safe from hackers? Besides having a good password, not going to bad links or accepting objects that may harm you. My friend said he has a program that changes his password and IP everytime he logs into SL, he added that a friend of his made it, and I was wondering if there is any other programs out there like that? Is there a way to lock down my account so it can only be opened from my computer? Anyhow, list some good ways to staying safe, there seems to be hackers lately.
  21. Replying back to myself. I kinda got the problem fixed, and kinda don't. I was wearing mesh pants with a alpha called "alpha with full feet". When i apply that alpha, my top goes noobie, weird because it didnt the day before, and also weird because just the alpha one works but the one that is full body+feet got defected? It did these for both of my Xplosion jeans I got.
  22. First off, I already sent a NC about this to one of the support persons for belleza skins. Anyhow, I just literally got this skin about 2 days ago, maybe not even that long and it has already got defected and I have only ever had this happen like once. I was playing paintball earlier, put on a rabbit mesh costume and my skin kinda screwed up, like the top half which is the body and arms look noobie like, the face, neck, pelvis and down look normal, so yeah. I have already tried rebaking, I have ran a character test multiple times, even tried the SL viewer and to no avail, it's still messed up. I can switch to my older skin and it's normal and other skins, but not this new one. To be more specific with the character test, I turned into a noob, took all the clothes off, and everything else and just added the new skin but it didn't work,. I relogged and added the new skin and it worked for a second like it turned noobie, then normal then back to noobie, one time it was normal for a min or two until i added some clothes, then it messed up. So is there anything else i could try? Heck all the copies I made are corrupted as well...
  23. Do you miss the last names or are you fine with "resident"? Do you think Linden LAbs will bring back last names ever? Personally it would be cool if they'd let us make our own last name to go with our first name but that's just me.
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