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  1. I like it, and I agree that it makes sense that humans don't have souls. After all, they don't seem to really do anything significant and they are very animal-like. But I know that I have a soul: maybe it's inside of my head and it can't come out, or it's trapped somehow. The soul is what separates me from the other human beings who are animals and aren't me. That's the key point: a person whose life is like a movie, and there's a video camera [figuratively] in his head, versus all the other humans who just live to make children and behave like animals. If all of this has already been figure
  2. I think that is completely not true. The brain is the only thing in the body that is directly related to intelligence. Obviously a bigger brain means more intelligence. In evolution, the brain size is directly related to ability to behave like a human and use tools. Second, for the reference to A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I watched that movie and I wasn't too impressed. It was beneath my intelligence and it didn't touch on anything that I thought was truly important.
  3. It is similar, but not at all the same thing. Besides, a lot has happened to me between that post and this post. And I think I've said a lot of different things in it, too. This version is better.
  4. I came to Second life to find friends and places in the world that have the answer for me. I spend a lot of time in the Angel's church in Lilith but I never see anyone there. I've contacted several in-game angels and we've talked, but we haven't progressed too far. Where in Second Life can I find the answer? Most especially, the answer to how few people there are in the world of souls. My research on souls, biology, and religion has been going on for nearly 5 years, after I dropped out of the University of Washington. Since then, I have had at least 3 major supernatural occurrences happen to
  5. True life is a term that I use, mostly to refer to my human experience on this Earth, but the correct version of it. I think of it as something that is much bigger than a human being, where the Earth feels like it's filled with opportunity and lots of chances to succeed. Maybe true life is when you've discovered the truth about the God and the human species, and you can move on to profiting from it and living a long and successful life. Live long and prosper.
  6. Thanks for those 2 replies. I stil haven't found either a permanent place to hang out in SL, or a dedicated group of friends to lead me forward in my research. I've joined quite a few groups, but not that many of them have regular meetings. I'm still looking for friends, especially those with expertise on the Pineal Gland and those who think that there are less than 1 million unique existences in the world - just like I think.
  7. "Rising up" I think that the world on the ground level, of jobs and employment and cars isn't real. The real world is much more historical, legal, and suspenseful. The real world is contradictory to what a human being can understand, and the true world history has to be different than what everyone was taught in schools. That's rising up. Most simply: not believing there are hundreds of millions of people in the USA, but rather believing that less than a million are real and substantial. It might be that there is a virtual world on top of and inside of the USA, and that is the real world tha
  8. Hello all, I'm a new and premium user of Second Life. I've been on Second Life for about a year now, but about 2 weeks in my current account. My name Miquh2Jounen and it means 1st name Miquh and last name Jounen. I came to SL because I had signed on before and I met an "Angel" named Gabriel in game, and I was very astounded by the coincidence. I have a relationship with Angel Gabriel and I am hoping this relationship helps me rise up from my situation in the USA. I'm also very interested in the groups of Second Life and meeting people with similar research and similar ideas as myself
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