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  1. The fundelmentals of SL is indeed a game. It's something you play first and foremost. However, you can make money and translate that to real, that's the biggest difference out of most other games. Otherwise, I can login to xbox, steam, etc and just meet someone, talk to them, even meet them in real and make all those relationships. There is games that are pretty open too like Mindcraft, just SL is more so the virtual world of things, an of course is entirely ran by the users, so everything you see was made by someone, and it has very few limits (which I feel game delevopers like Bethesda, Rockstar) should take a deep look at. So the roots of SL is that of a game, but the deeper end is something a little bit more. We all know tho it's a subjective approach, and comes down to how you want to SL which dictates it being "just a game" or something "more". For me, this is definetly more than just a game. You can't say it's not a game because it is, so you can't just say "SL isn't a game" the correct sentence would be "SL is more than just a game".
  2. Thank you and good afternoon for now. (You might want to correct that buddy since you never make any errors). I will expect to read 20 posts from you on this thread insulting just this little post here of mine alone. Good bye Alec! Take care, I will see you when you return, and will be sure to own you some more, and that's the thing. Ted would have pissed me off by now but you... But you.... I find you funny cause you try so hard against me and it's almost as if I'm making you dance on a string. You hit the low on being the grammar nazi after losing, but I am surprised tho because you didn't even go for the next low which was to insult someone for not having a job, or having a **bleep**ty job, then proceed to claim you have the better job. That surprises me, you did every single thing I expected you to do, when losing, and when trolling, but you didn't go there. Now, if you can... Please go there! However, with that all being said, you're pretty witty, and got some smarts. I know you like to insult everyone on every thread, and every post you make, I can't take you serious.
  3. Haha, good one. That will do pig.... That will do. I Like, the master troll of the forums. Still not as good as Ted tho on youtube, and some of the other second life trolls.
  4. Oh, you mean it has no context to it!? Well hell, I should have asked the other one! Where is my double posts, triple posts, from you to my one? I know I insult people, but damn son, you take it to the next level while failing, and speaking of insults, give me a new wave. You think Jesus was a jew? Yes, this is how much you entertain me, I resort to this as you have yet to own me, ok maybe you did once to all these others, but for the most part I can't take you seriously I LIKE. Damn, I thought my name was **bleep**ed up.
  5. You think if they are your friends, they'll understand? Come on, do better! I'm just laughing at you, I got this big smile on my face for trying to hard on me yet failing miserably.
  6. You keep saying I live in a hick state, yet you are the one with the shotgun who typically would do what a other redneck dad would do. (Oh, and before you say it, yes I know you were probably being sarcastic). As for your foreign language, I'm stil not going to bother with wasting my time like you are correcting my grammar. I need to start purposely making every sentence TYPO-ed out as possible. Hey I Like! I have a question..... If pinocchio said "My nose is about to grow" is he lying or telling the truth?
  7. Fail again troll. I never heard the name "Alec" pronounced as "I like". Refer to james Bond; Goldeneye where "Alec" is pronounced totally different. Oh, it's not just bond where it's pronounced different either BTW. Come on, do better, that was laughable. As for "I like it even better when you dont" sure......... "It's" as in "it is" since you are now resulting to even lying about your own name being a pun hahahahaha. You are being owned once again. I corrected you on the word "darling" and how it's actually spelled. Corrected you on your boring punchline which seem to have set you off into a frenzy. Now if you could just correct my grammar some more since you are losing hard "I LIKE". EDIT: Come on I like, respond back with your 3 or 4 angry written post (but do it with correcting all my grammar errors tho). I know you are trolling other threads cause you can't win this one, but you need to focus!
  8. Nothing more to say to me little troll? Do I need to change the diet for you? Come on, you are taking a step back. You're suppose to make progress, not throw out two words. 2/10. What types of things do you like to do with your shotgun, you little redneck? Outside of chasing off your heifers guys. EDIT: You forgot to correct my grammar. You're losing, so come on, correct it please! I need something to laugh at. Waste that time, I'm putting your ass to work.
  9. Oh come on, no multiple post that time? =/ Hey, how's that fat daughter of yours doing? Have you chased any guys off from your trailer with that shotgun? Oh, I like it when you call me darling. Alec - it's even better when you don't.
  10. Come on, you can do better. Yeah, work on my every sentence. I'm putting your ass to work. *darling* without slang spelled correctly you hypocrite. LOL, you seriously have nothing to contribute to this thread but troll it. Yes, that's funny to me because your intentions fail, and you are too stupid to realize you're being insulted, and owned. I have you raging, yet I'm laughing, shouldn't it be the other way around? When most people lose arguments, they tend to correct the other persons grammar. This is a fact. Come on do better, I give your last post maybe a 5 out of 10, that's being generous. You correcting me makes it a 5. I do think you need to tone it down a little son cause you are going too hard on this.
  11. I know what funny means. Again, you take it literal troll. I just said funny cause you are trying to go make me look up a word, and even translate a sentence I could care less about. Funny........ Scooby - Owning Alec more and more, and making him rage.
  12. I'm not looking up a word, funny. It seems you have to throw out 2 or 3 posts for my every 1 I make. Come on, you can do better hypocrite. I'm sure you made spelling errors before, refer back to my last post I edited cause I seen you gave me what I wanted which was a triple before I even refreshed the page! LOL.
  13. Thank you for the double post angry little troll, please do it some more! Yes, you could have eaten it, and shared some with your fat daughter who seems to put it away LOL! Go youtube "Ted trolling secondlife" and watch how it's done. Come on little troll, you can do better. Go for a triple. EDITl Oh you did do a triple post! Gee, so fast, I couldn't even hit enter on this one. Now lets go for 4 posts in a row to my 1 against you LOL........ Come on, and as for my english..... It's readable, you're a troll, and getting owned hard by me, so have to resort like most typical losers do and correct the other persons english cause you simply just can't win. It's ok Alec, I know how this all goes, you're not the only one. And to think that you're a hypocrite cause you've made mistakes in your grammar more than likely lots of times during your pathetic life. It's funny, cause I don't correct peoples sentences if I'm able to read them. Everything I have said so far has been readable, please copy and paste something I have said that you couldn't read.
  14. Oh, so because I don't know a other language? LOL..... I'm more than likely betting ENGLISH IS NOT YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE. As for the assumption, again, that's what it was LOL! Never said for a fact what language you spoke in, nor do I really care because it's something stupid more than likely. Now, please type me some double post again, I enjoy you raging, and now you started with some bigger insults towards me! Nice. If I knew you were a troll earlier, I would have brought you lots of food to feed you. Scooby - Getting bored with Alec cause he offers nothing. Hey! Hey! You are the one talking about using a shotgun to run off your fat daughters boyfriends LOL... Redneck much Alec? Come on, you can do better.
  15. Oh, good to see you using your natural language now Alec! *golf claps* Now just get a better translator for english so you can understand everything I say without taking it so literal Haha you know that google translator isn't 100% accurate when you translate my english into whatever language you just typed out (assuming french). I rather not look up something that's mostly idiotic like all your posts on this thread seem to be. Oh but wait! I did look up your post history, you seem to have a history of trolling hard and being snarky.
  16. You deserved that question cause you're replying back with stupid posts, so that was a legit question, not a stupid one. Scooby - Owning the attention whore some more.
  17. No, eating is nothing magical. Again, if you had a brain, you'd know what WOULD BE MAGICAL, or could realistically think of scenarios. Why are you throwing out these idiotic extremes and taking it so literal, why? I mean I could have threw out extremes too on some of these posts, but decided I wouldn't do so. As for your daughter being gorgeous, I doubt she is judging by your personality, and I'm serious. As for the movie she is in, I doubt it. Again, don't need to lie Alec to be cool, it's ok little guy, now eat your icecream and stop playing with it LOL. Scooby- Laughing at Alec failing. I will give it to you tho on the website thing a few posts back, you did get me when I said "Are we going to exclude websites now?" Although I know as well that not everything is always fact on these websites, tho if you typed "healing magic" it rings up so many pages, and the whole thing about spell usage and all..
  18. English is my first language, you're just a baddie. I bet you aren't from the USA, this is exactly why you probably don't even get half the things I say because it has to be worded so simple, a grade schooler could undestand for you to pick up! hahaha As for you turning your car into the garage, YOU ARE PARKING IT INSIDE. What are you, 12? Don't need to lie to be cool Alec, it's bad for you lol. Scooby - owning Alec yet again and winning.
  19. I never said I didn't believe in anything you listed. Yes, we have different personalities, I agree with all of that, but it DOES NOT PROVE WE HAVE A SOUL lol.
  20. That was idotic Alec. First off, I doubt you can turn a car into a garage. Your daughter makes Ice cream disappear cause she eats it., and you made her sound overweight with that follow up. Thirdly, that's nature, what goes in, must come out (waits for you to hold me politically correct on this one and take me literal). If you can't distinguish between what would be magic involved, and how it isn't, then what more can I say? I said in the post, things that would relate to performing magic, IF SOMEONE WAS MAGICAL AND IF THEY THE MAGICAL PERSON, NOT YOUR DAUGHTER... COULD MAKE THINGS VANISH. Scooby - Owning Alec everytime he replies back. Next person please:p Also be over age, it's a shame LL has thrown the teen grid into the main one now.
  21. I knew someone would call me out on that. I SAID HE MADE A POINT. I clearly said that Drake in the first sentence. The definition is the definition as it stands. This is A VERY DIFFERENT TOPIC than that of what magic/healing is. The definition of soul cannot prove a soul exists, that's my point. As for the definition itself, if a soul did exist, then well, the definition would certainly hold up, but how do we know a soul exist? So to put things easy for everyone to understand, and repeat myself. My argument is that the definition of soul DOES NOT prove soul exist. That's all I was saying, as for the definition, that's what it is. You can't just compare the soul definition to magic/healing cause there was proof between those two words that they relate and go hand to hand.
  22. While you make a point, you just can't be so sure, and again, that's WHAT THE DEFINITION SAYS....NOT WHAT IT PROVES. A soul tho would have to be inside your brain if were able to do brain transplants on humans soon, and put their head on another body as we did the dog that lived for 9 days. Some people will say "well, the soul will follow you to the new body, and jump out of the old body" lol.
  23. That's a definition of what A SOUL WOULD BE, if it existed. Never proves a soul exists, it just saying what it would be. ' No one has proved a soul ever existed in human. NO ONE. We can only speculate, and debate about it. I gave my big debate that we probably don't have souls, I mean it's hard to imagine having one, you'd have to go through all the crap of people arguing against me about the terms "magic" and "healing" and how they think they are different to get to my orginal post on the main topic. I said something about the witch trials, someone gets snarky with me, and acts all smart claiming healing isn't magic, so the thread takes a spin. I think people don't give science enough credit, nor their own bodies for what their bodies do, and to be more specific on that, I mean their own brain. The brain is a powerful tool, it often doesn't get credit. The brain is the conscious/ self conscious, and if it turns off for a moment, you shut down, and then once it's back, you're back. Religious nutters think it's god... Just no please, it's your brain, please give it credit. Anyhow, go back on page one to read my orginal post on the subject.
  24. Cracks his knuckles "Ok... Time to own some noobs.... Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!!!!! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeenkins!!!!!!" Ok, for real, I will thank you for not being snarky like the others were on arguing with me on what magic is and isn't, then playing victim when I call them out. Anyhow, lets stay on track here. GO TO SEARCH, TYPE IN "HEALING MAGIC". Yes, healing is a form of magic as I've said whether you choose to believe it or not. I mean, that's all that needs to be said really, the definition proved my point, this search by far and 100% proves my point more so. Are we now going to exclude what every website says just because you guys take the word "magic" in such a literal meaning. So if it doesn't have a wand, and doesn't cast spells, then it isn't magic. If it can't turn people into a frog, it's not magic. Last I checked, if you were to make something disappear, that's a bit of magic. If a magical person could have the power to make something completely vanish, they are using their powers to obviously make that something vanish. Almost no different from healing because someone is chanting a few words, or working their hands, performing such a miracle to rid someone of a disease and have it completely gone from that persons body. (Disease suddenly disappears). Is that really hard to understand? Really? To back up my bold claim even more, why does almost every single video game created, or in movies, often label something "healing SPELL". A spell can do many things, healing is one of them. A spell is part of magic, I mean it's easy to understand why draw the line at a literal meaning term?I mean, you got pryomancy, necromancy, yadda yadda, HEALING IS ONE OF THEM. I guess Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings never performed magic, he didn't have a wand, didn't turn nothing into a frog, or didn't melt like the Wizard Of Oz witch. Yet he was able to use spells with simple chants in a unknown language to have a magical event occur. Ok, next person please. Really getting tired of this cause I would like to get back on topic about whether souls exist or not, and if heaven is a real possibility.
  25. Yawns, you're a typical boring person. Resort to the grammar nazi after you get owned. Please go back and correct my long drawn out post on any words that aren't spelled correctly. I'm betting if there are any, there is less than 5, and the edits were way before you responded back. Also, if you can't read a typo in just a word, you're bad. There's a big difference between a sentence full of words that are typo's, and a sentence with one typo. You act as if you never spelled a word wrong in your life, man you hypocrites sure are funny! You make this too easy! LOL next please.
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