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  1. ok good idea... But how should i handle it if someone doesnt respond for like 2 minutes? I know, in Gor (and other places) you should give people a little bit to respond... But how should i react if they take too long? (who knows, they might be talking in IM as well...) One time i waited like 8 minutes for a response. And then they would wonder why i dont talk much lol
  2. hey all, i have noticed sometimes people walk out of chat range while i am still typing. How do i get them to stay,and be more patient? Any ideas? I have tried to write longer sentences and put some emotes in, like they do in role plays sometimes... hoping they would stand still longer... but no luck. I took them into Gor a few times, and (believe it or not) they patiently waited for the goreans to finish typing. Why is that?
  3. hey all, Sometimes during role play there are situations where we have to play like getting mad or so. Like, if a gorean Master gets attacked by a mischevious slave. He would fight her, and capture her, maybe even kill her... Or, if someone walks along, and emotes something like "walks by the Master and his kneeling slave, spills a bowl of paga over her head and runs..." I know they would get mad in the RP, but would they really get mad? Or just role playing it (and maybe enjoying some action)?
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