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  1. Strictly speaking, I don't "need" a hug :matte-motes-wink: ... but an old man knows enough to takem where he can gitum.
  2. The disadvantage of setting land to group access only is that anyone who wanders near the edge of your property will see the ban lines, as will the people who own land adjacent. By banning just an individual, only the offending individual will see the ban lines eye sore. Security orbs are good, unless you are one that prefers to have a more open accessible property. As you say, however, it is a matter of preference. It is also a matter of circumstance. If uninvited visitors are a frequent problem, a security orb would be better I think.
  3. There should be a Size slider in the Edit Terrain tab. Just slide that to the far left.
  4. Another option, if you would rather not use the security scripts and if you only have this problem infrequently and with just a few people that are impolite, is to use your About Land access options to ban the individual.
  5. Ceera, I had a thought. Why not just bookmark your Profile and go directly to that (e.g. my "Profile" page is https://my.secondlife.com/om.piers, but my home page is https://my.secondlife.com/). Then you never have to see the Home page clutter again. As far as I can tell, the one and only purpose of the Home page is to hold the Feed clutter.
  6. I would say with emphasis, NO (unless I had a spare computer somewhere besides my main computer, so that I could download every new version to that, just to try it out). I switched to Firestorm after a surprise update (done automatically) gave me a version I could not even manage to log in with. At the time, I wasn't sure what version I had that worked and couldn't find the place to download an older version, and I needed to get inworld quick. If Firestorm hadn't been so great in the graphics, I probably would have at least tried one of the newer 2.x versions ... but with Firestorm, I saw shad
  7. Whoops. No. I get the same error. I had remembered seeing the "IM" option but hadn't actually tried it.
  8. I do understand (and appreciate) the reasons for particular opinions of whether the feature has been well implemented, but I'm not sure I understand the very high levels of distress in some of the posts. For myself, normally when I go to my profile, it is inworld using the dialog box in Firestorm (switched a month or so ago, when new SL kept crashing). Keli is the only reason I looked at the my.secondlife.com version today. Although, I've: Turned off notifications, because they have proven to be a pain right out of the gate, with flooded email and capped messages in world, Set the Feed to
  9. These are good points, even the items that strike me as personal opinion. Condensed into a builder's "Things to Consider" checklist, I would find it very useful. I am not at a professional level, and often the things I put together were started with one thought and then gradually finished through a winding series of other thoughts. I still have not managed to stick to a defined workflow yet. Using a checklist with reminders to evaluate building decisions like those discussed, I could refer to the checklist at the beginning and throughout the process. In fact, I think I'll put together somethi
  10. Good news on that: you can disable all the notifications, both inworld and email.
  11. Accepted. So, now I have turned off the notifications as well. When I logged in to accept Keli's request, I found dozens of notifications from the forum topic posts and that my messages had been capped. So far, my first impressions are that I prefer the original function of profiles as used and configured inworld. Edited: to add a smile
  12. :matte-motes-big-grin: I don't spend much time looking at my profile. About the only thing I do nowadays is to add a pick, or to see what has changed when LL updates the profiles.  Looks like they are calling it "Feed" :matte-motes-wink: at the moment. What we'll ultimately be calling it in a few months time depends on whether it turns into a headache. Sounds like there are a few who already feel that way. Now that I am looking at it with some thought, I've actually changed the privacy setting to Friends for the Feed. While I welcome courteous, clean, PG posts from people like you, Keli, I
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