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  1. "The Second Life economy continues to be steady, with nearly all key measures staying within a narrow range of just a few percentage points up or down over the last year. Absolute rubbish!! Who are they trying to fool? Us or themselves?
  2. Seems fair to me. pay for a premium account: ....get premium service. I'm not a premium account holder, btw, but I do see the logic in this.
  3. The original Swedish owners of Enemy Unknown AB may be either: 1). Appalled, and devastated to see their baby hit the dust, but reassured they did the right thing by looking at their bank balances. 2) Be gleefully trolling through the sale contract, anticipating that once AU closes they will be free to open a similar site (Avatars Reunited?) The technology that LL gained by the purchase of AU could more cheaply have been gained by headhunting a few techs from any social networking site, None of it was terribly "cutting edge". I see this as a terrible waste of resources on LLs part. They pro
  4. "SL has the most unintelligible help system I have EVER seen! There are far too many help options, and I have spent hours pouring through lists of questions that don't pertain to my problem, searched and re-searched menus, and still have no idea how to get help." In the recent survey that was sent out, I made just this comment.
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