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  1. teen greid nd main grid mixed several yrs ago in case you didn't notice ios no sponsoring etc tbh though lot the adults I meet on this game are pretty childish
  2. no sl grid and teen grid mixed several yrs ago they are not locked and oftemn seen lurking in places they should not be
  3. a lot of ppl on game are not 18 or leaqst do not act it and there are a lot a freaks and strange ppl that probably need mental heath treatment mote than sl as ppl as young as 13 legaly play play on the grid
  4. // Default is to make the entire object change color, even if multiple prims. integer ChangeAllPrims = TRUE; // set this to FALSE for this prim only //-----START COLORS----------------------------- list grayscale =["black",<0,0,0>,"white",<1,1,1>,"gray",<0.5,0.5,0.5>,"silver",<0.75,0.75,0.75>,"darkgray",<0.4,0.4,0.4>, "lightgrey",<0.83,0.83,0.83>]; list reds = ["red",<1,0,0>,"darkred",<0.55,0,0>,"crimson",<0.86,0.08,0.24>,"indianred",<0.8,0.36,0.36>, "orangered",<1,0.27,0>]; list pinks = ["hotpink",<1,0.41,0.71>,"pink", <1,0.75,0.8>,"lightpink",<1,0.71,0.76>,"deeppink",<1,0.08,0.58>, "fuchsia",<1,0,1>,"orchid",<0.85,0.44,0.84>,"plum",<0.87,0.63,0.87>]; list violets = ["violet",<0.8,0.51,0.8>,"indigo",<0.29,0,0.51>,"lavender",<0.7,0.7,1>,"magenta",<1,0,1>, "purple",<0.5,0,0.5>,"darkmagenta",<0.55,0,0.55>,"darkviolet",<0.58,0,0.83>,"blueviolet",<0.54,0.17,0.89>]; list dk_blues = ["darkblue",<0,0,0.55>,"blue",<0,0,1>,"deepskyblue",<0,0.75,1>,"mediumblue",<0,0,0.8>, "midnightblue",<0.1,0.1,0.44>,"royalblue",<0.25,0.41,0.88>,"slateblue",<0.42,0.35,0.8>,"steelblue",<0.27,0.51,0.71>]; list lt_blues = ["teal",<0,0.5,0.5>,"turquoise",<0.25,0.88,0.82>,"darkcyan",<0,0.55,0.55>, "lightblue", <0.68,0.85,0.9>, "aquamarine",<0.5,1,0.83>,"azure",<0.8,1,1>,"cyan",<0,1,0.9>,"skyblue",<0.53,0.81,0.92>]; list yellows = ["yellow",<1,1,0>,"gold",<1,0.84,0>,"lightyellow",<1,1,0.88>,"goldenrod",<0.85,0.65,0.13>, "yellowgreen",<0.6,0.8,0.2>]; list dk_greens = ["darkgreen",<0,0.39,0>,"green",<0,0.5,0>,"forestgreen",<0.13,0.55,0.13>,"lawngreen",<0.49,0.99,0>, "springgreen",<0,1,0.5>]; list lt_greens = ["lightgreen",<0.56,0.93,0.56>,"chartreuse",<0.5,1,0>,"greenyellow",<0.68,1,0.18>,"honeydew",<0.94,1,0.94>, "limegreen",<0.2,0.8,0.2>,"mintcream",<0.96,1,0.98>,"seagreen",<0.18,0.55,0.34>]; list oranges = ["orange",<1,0.65,0>,"darkorange",<1,0.55,0>,"coral",<1,0.5,0.31>,"navajowhite",<1,0.87,0.68>, "salmon",<0.98,0.5,0.45>,"seashell",<1,0.96,0.93>,"brown",<.24,.17,.15>]; //-----END COLORS----------------------------- key toucher = NULL_KEY; list sub_menu; list main_menu = ["grayscale", "reds", "pinks", "violets", "dk_blues", "lt_blues", "yellows", "dk_greens", "lt_greens", "oranges"]; //FUNCTIONS //owner menu integer menu_handler; integer menu_channel; menu(key user,string title,list buttons) { llListenRemove(menu_handler); menu_channel = (integer)(llFrand(99999.0) * -1); menu_handler = llListen(menu_channel,"","",""); llDialog(user,title,buttons,menu_channel); llSetTimerEvent(60.0); } default { on_rez( integer sparam ) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { // } touch_start(integer total_number) { toucher = llDetectedKey(0); menu(toucher, "\n \nSelect a color category.", main_menu); } // use link message instead of touch in case you have more menu in another script. //link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id) //{ //if (str == "Colors") // from main script //{ //toucher = id; //menu(toucher, "\n \nSelect a color category.", main_menu); //} //} timer() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(menu_handler); toucher = NULL_KEY; } listen(integer channel, string name, key is, string message) { if (channel == menu_channel) { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(menu_handler); if (llListFindList(main_menu, [message]) != -1) { if (message == "grayscale") sub_menu = grayscale; else if (message == "reds") sub_menu = reds; else if (message == "pinks") sub_menu = pinks; else if (message == "violets") sub_menu = violets; else if (message == "dk_blues") sub_menu = dk_blues; else if (message == "lt_blues") sub_menu = lt_blues; else if (message == "yellows") sub_menu = yellows; else if (message == "dk_greens") sub_menu = dk_greens; else if (message == "lt_greens") sub_menu = lt_greens; else if (message == "oranges") sub_menu = oranges; menu(toucher, "\n \nSelect a color.", llList2ListStrided(sub_menu, 0, -1, 2)); return; } integer index = llListFindList(sub_menu, [message]); if (index != -1) { vector color_vector = llList2Vector(sub_menu, index+1); if (ChangeAllPrims == TRUE) { llSetLinkColor(LINK_SET, color_vector, ALL_SIDES); //all prims } else { llSetColor(color_vector, ALL_SIDES); //only prim script is in } } } } } i know { if (llDetectedOwner(0) == llGetOwner()) { is usualy one command jsut not sure where and if it would work on this thanks in advance
  5. LOOKING FOR NEW STAFF, WE HIRING NOW DEEJAYS AND HOSTS WE ONLY PLAY THE HARDERSTYLES LIKE HARDCORE,HARDSTYLE,JUMPSTYLE,SCHRANZ,HARDTECHNO, UK HARDCORE etc, ARE YOU A DEEJAY AND SPIN ONE OF THESE STYLES THEN WE ARE DEFO INTERESTED IN YOU im Dennis Reaninator or Flax Cuttia 100 pcnt tips to staff http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Central/211/89/25 for app we nice we hardcore we frenchcore we nutty :)
  6. i dont think asking for a partner really works. like irl partnerships etc are formed through freindship meeting a person getting to know them and enjoying spending time with said person ... asking on forum is kinda like a gatcha machine your never sure what your gonna get
  7. local chatr ok just a message at certain time really but i see what you mean about the symbols in fron t to make it stick out and be more noticed
  8. breedable scripts you can find free on slx or phaze dimensions website inc an excelent tutorial on how to use them etc
  9. security orb they are cheap or even free if you search also if the parcel is in your own group etc you can restrict access that way ....
  10. if it was me you were accusing id have you in court already for deformation of char and slander + loss of earninng i could add a few more i think there should be a group to warn ppl about merchants like you, as for the pathetic watch list thats so damn funny im surprised every griefer copybotter aint out there copying your anims just for the lulZ i bet if i bothered to look at your anims there would be lot like other ppls ie cuddles kisses etc <if thats what you make> after seeing this post and your replies any anims i buy will not be from you i woul,d also encourage other ppl to do the same just too much drama for pixels and a GAME
  11. so who decides who gets added to these pathetic watch groups ? seems very open for abuse of innocent ppl and obvously caused the op a lot of stress . wanna be sl police are so funny they are pathetic to say the least sl is full of stolen ideas . from dance balls to defence huds , beds , flowers etc even tatoos and lot of stuff taken from rl content the list is endless
  12. hi , im wondering how easy or where to get a simple script that will send a message to a certain avi at a set time of day say 7 am gmt like add the person uuid / name and message to send and at 7 am gmt it will im that person witrh set message thanks Solved thank you KImm
  13. about 2 linden a prim seems average
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