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  1. I don't need this anymore. Not sure why someone bumped this old thread.
  2. I had an artist create a custom mesh avatar and I would like to use it in-world. I'm looking to pay someone to make that happen and my budget is flexible! The model may need optimized, as well as rigged to work with bento animations (fingers, tail, eyes, ears, mouth... no wings or hind legs). Possibly even take pieces apart to create separate attachments vs. rigging the entire model? We can take a look at it together and find out how to make it work. If the head can be properly bento rigged, you can make a few facial animations (talkjaw, blinking). Feel free to contact me in world or
  3. I've received a 50L stipend since starting (2005) and have gone premium and cancelled. I still get my 50L stipend when I don't have a premium account, and 300L when I do. I didn't go premium for the first time until after the stipend changes.
  4. Will Linden Lab ever make a graphical Second Life client for iOS? Now that the iPad Pro is out with it's desktop level hardware, I don't see any reason for there not to be a graphical Second Life/OpenSim client that runs on iOS. There has been a functional graphics based client for Android tablets and phones for a while now (Lumiya Viewer) and while it's not great, it does work well enough to move around, buy stuff, teleport, and chat. There is a Second Life/OpenSim client for iOS currently, but it is text only (Pocket Metaverse). It's also possible to stream your desktop computer running
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