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  1. This is my new machinima I make since I changed my computer spec ^^ Enjoy it
  2. Well I don't know how Mont Saint Michel still on place maybe a way for Devin too.
  3. I really appreciate Devin when I visited it for a special feeling I didn't founded around some other places.It will be a shame if Devin will not be saved.
  4. This is my last machinima I did on Las Islas sim's. I hope you will enjoy it
  5. Today at 3PMSLT don't miss the best idol's band from SL PJT48 in Pumpkin 2014 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boutou/186/169/32
  6. Hi all I started a new machinima and maybe will make this like a mini series. Hope you will enjoy it.
  7. Hi all with some friend we make a special sim for people who like to drive and rp in a sim inspired by Japanese mountain. Feel free to visit us and drive your car and listening eurobeat radio. You can roleplay in Yokoyama too. When you aren't in the owner group, autoreturn is about 2 hours. Bus for Yokoyama
  8. This is a parody of CSI opening theme I did
  9. If you like japanese culture and Jpop don't miss the new show of the ~KDW~Kawaiidolls. Indeed today (friday 19), The Artshow invited Kawaiidolls for a new show at 12PMSLT this is the LM For more information about Kawaiidolls this is a video
  10. We are glad to invit all of you in Shin Shibuya for the opening. ~KWD~Kawaiidolls feat DJ Dark will make an event in Shin Shibuya @ 9:00AM SLT Sunday 3 february.
  11. Hi all !! Shibuya in Second Life search some renter to rent shop. The rate of the shop is : 150L$/100 prims For more information contact : Vythika Resident. To visit the sim please use the LM : Shibuya
  12. A new big project in Second Life : The Shin Shibuya. The place still work in progress but all people are welcome to visit us. We try to keep closer like the real Shibuya for the outside visual of building. You can found a subway but still not finished.
  13. Hi all !! We are proud to invit all of you in the ~KWD~ Dome for a special event. Saturday 27 October 5:00PM SLT. we are sure you will enjoy to join us. The KWD's dome is a new event stage inspired by the Tokyo dome.
  14. An additional time for that show is set : Sunday 2nd September 2012 @ 9AM SLT same place.
  15. Hi all !! The new dancer group based on japanese idols like AKB48, Morning Musune, Hello project... is happy to invit all of you at the Grand opening event of their paradise's island (hometsead). That event will happen at 9 PM SLT. All people are welcome to celebrate with us this event. ~KWD~ paradise island
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