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  1. This is my new machinima I make since I changed my computer spec ^^ Enjoy it
  2. Well I don't know how Mont Saint Michel still on place maybe a way for Devin too.
  3. I really appreciate Devin when I visited it for a special feeling I didn't founded around some other places.It will be a shame if Devin will not be saved.
  4. This new community Platform look really nice. I think I will post more than I did in the old.
  5. Welcome on on that new life ^^
  6. Group Limits Will be Raised to 40 Another big pain point for Residents is the current limit that lets you be a member of only 25 groups. We plan to raise this limit to 40 by the end of this year. In the past, our biggest concern about raising group limits was potential performance degradation, with additional stress placed on our central database. After completing some internal analysis, we now feel comfortable enough to extend group limits up to 40. I’ll put a qualifier on the group limits increase, however, and state that if we see a decrease in performance (i.e., more lag),
  7. Have the same problem than your and yes, my computer is old. I know but I haven't way to change it for now
  8. Good news !! I will try this can't wait untill 13th october hehe
  9. I am just a beginner with Blender but you can use image file for texturing mesh. I know the Blender interface can be beginner useless but maybe it's the most powerfull 3D freeware I know. Just look this. It's a machinima make with Blender... (It's the one video make me though with learning Blender can make some interesting 3D)
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