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  1. This is my new machinima I make since I changed my computer spec ^^ Enjoy it
  2. Well I don't know how Mont Saint Michel still on place maybe a way for Devin too.
  3. I really appreciate Devin when I visited it for a special feeling I didn't founded around some other places.It will be a shame if Devin will not be saved.
  4. This is my last machinima I did on Las Islas sim's. I hope you will enjoy it
  5. Today at 3PMSLT don't miss the best idol's band from SL PJT48 in Pumpkin 2014 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boutou/186/169/32
  6. Hi all I started a new machinima and maybe will make this like a mini series. Hope you will enjoy it.
  7. Hi all with some friend we make a special sim for people who like to drive and rp in a sim inspired by Japanese mountain. Feel free to visit us and drive your car and listening eurobeat radio. You can roleplay in Yokoyama too. When you aren't in the owner group, autoreturn is about 2 hours. Bus for Yokoyama
  8. This is a parody of CSI opening theme I did
  9. If you like japanese culture and Jpop don't miss the new show of the ~KDW~Kawaiidolls. Indeed today (friday 19), The Artshow invited Kawaiidolls for a new show at 12PMSLT this is the LM For more information about Kawaiidolls this is a video
  10. We are glad to invit all of you in Shin Shibuya for the opening. ~KWD~Kawaiidolls feat DJ Dark will make an event in Shin Shibuya @ 9:00AM SLT Sunday 3 february.
  11. Hi all !! Shibuya in Second Life search some renter to rent shop. The rate of the shop is : 150L$/100 prims For more information contact : Vythika Resident. To visit the sim please use the LM : Shibuya
  12. A new big project in Second Life : The Shin Shibuya. The place still work in progress but all people are welcome to visit us. We try to keep closer like the real Shibuya for the outside visual of building. You can found a subway but still not finished.
  13. Hi all !! We are proud to invit all of you in the ~KWD~ Dome for a special event. Saturday 27 October 5:00PM SLT. we are sure you will enjoy to join us. The KWD's dome is a new event stage inspired by the Tokyo dome.
  14. An additional time for that show is set : Sunday 2nd September 2012 @ 9AM SLT same place.
  15. Hi all !! The new dancer group based on japanese idols like AKB48, Morning Musune, Hello project... is happy to invit all of you at the Grand opening event of their paradise's island (hometsead). That event will happen at 9 PM SLT. All people are welcome to celebrate with us this event. ~KWD~ paradise island
  16. Want some custom design like group's logo, profile pics, shop's logo feel free to ask to me. Profil pic : 250 L$ Group's logo : 500 L$ Shop' logo : 500 L$ For more incoming information you can look my new website I can post some information about your product into Facebook, Blog and G+ if needed. Don't hesitate to let me some message.
  17. En effet ayant un Athlon 1800xp+ qui ne supporte pas le SSE2 nécessaire aux viewer pouvant utiliser les meshes, j'ai exactement le même message que toi. Pour le moment j'utilise Imprudence qui est, à ma connaissance, le seul viewer pour le moment a permettre aux vieux pc de fonctionner sur SL. Je pense que beaucoup de personnes ne peuvent pas facilement changer de pc comme cela.
  18. After all, all the skin in SL are based on the LL templates. And I am agree with all comment said here. The most important, it's the final ressult of the creators mind.
  19. Oh nice that you opened a thread like this one. Maybe we can use this thread for that kind of question. Personally now I use a desktop Athlon xp+ 1800 Gforce 6200 256Mb and 768 Mb. Due at no SSE2 I can't run in new viewer 2 update but I think about changing my desktop by a laptop I hesitate to buy this one Asus. I am not sure SL will be able to run on it. But it's in my price range.
  20. I have the same problem due at my old computer ( Athlon XP 1800+, Geforce 6200 256mb and 768Mb). This problem appear on Firestorm, Kokua and Kirstens. That can be due at the SSE2. Imprudence still working maybe you can try it.
  21. Pour pouvoir être en Mainland, il faut avoir absolument un compte premium. D'abord, j'essairais de faire l'ensemble des bâtiments sur une sandbox comme cela, tu pourra voir le nombre de prims dont tu aura besoin pour l'ensemble de ton projet. 1024 et 2048 m² semble un peu juste pour ce genre de projet. En tout cas bonne constructions ^^. PS: Il y a un moment déjà,il y a eu une annonce comme quoi les sims non profit vont avoir droit au même tiers que les sim classiques.
  22. If you need some pics feel free to IM me. All my pics are post prod with computer software (photoshop, gimp, blender). You can found some example on my flickr page or koinup. Most of my koinup works aren't rework because I posted their directly from SL. Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryou_yiyuan/ Koinup : http://www.koinup.com/RyouYiyuan/works/ This is a list of my price but this can negociate. 1 profile pic 250 L$ 5 pics 1000 L$ 10 pics 2000 L$ all the pics will be full perms and if you need I can provide to you original PSD file. I can do photobook too with the Thinc book. Ryou Yiyuan. PS : Personally I prefer found good sims to take pics than working in studio.
  23. J'ai également un pc peu performant ( Athlon 1800Xp+ geforce 6200 256Mb et 768Mb) . Pour le moment, j'utilise Imprudence qui semble plus stable que Phoenix mais il me semble, que le viewer 2 fonctionne parfaitement. Si ton pc n'est pas compatible SSE pas la peine de tester firestorm ( futur phoenix à base de v2) et Kokua viewer (fait par l'équipe d'Imprudence et qui est juste une version même pas bèta).
  24. Blender with some video tutorials around Youtube. Blender is really the most powerfull freeware for 3D stuff. The machinimatrix website is helpfull to start
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