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    Linden Lab's New CEO

    I agree wholeheartedly with you Prok, we need all these things.

    A warm welcome to you, Mr. Humble. May you stay humble and true, listen to the residents, and keep the heart and soul that is SL burning brightly. We, the oldtimers, have wished for someone like you to come to our world for such a long time. We hope you share the same visionary as our dear Philip Rosedale, and continue to improve and guide SL in a direction we can all be proud. I do not speak for all, but from reading the posts above, I can see I am not alone in my hope that SL will prosper and continue to be a creative, innovative and diverse world for many years to come. Thank you for bringing us this sign of hope in what has been a dark year (and more) for many of us.

    Hoping you, the team at LL, and all residents had a Merry Christmas, and have a safe and Happy New Year!!


    PS. editting to add: I just wanted to say I downloaded The Marriage and Stars Over Half Moon Bay, and I like them very much. I tried to play Last Thoughts of the Aurochs and, despite having the latest Java, it would not allow me to play. I read all the documentation on all three games, and I am very impressed. I hope others enjoy and appreciate the concepts as much as I do. Well done!

    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    "I don't understand why there is so much negativity toward mesh, whatever the reasons be for people going nuts."

    "In a word, protectionism."

    Yes I am inclined to agree, just seems funny that not all the naysayers are builders first in SL, makes me wonder what their angle is.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    lolz! mmhmmm had to be said.

    That vid is funny and meant to be.

    I don't understand why there is so much negativity toward mesh, whatever the reasons be for people going nuts. Granted I have done my fair share of griping during the XSL takeover/absorption and AO censorship, but I have nothing but praise for this endeavour. As an oldtimer who still logs in to SL EVERY day, and has been wishing for some kind of mesh support since my first week here, I say about freaking time.

    I was hopeful when sculpties were introduced, but not being able to add or delete vertices and faces kind of killed my willingness to pursue creating my own, but did manage to make a few simple pieces. Now that meshes are finally coming, I am using SketchUp and creating awesome things, namely a house I started building in SL and stopped when the prim count got to 400 incomplete o.O, and I am impatiently waiting for open beta to test them out. This incomplete house of 400+ prims will only require 3 meshes for the entire build! Get your head around that! I really am mindboggled as to how this will be a bad thing... so to those naysayers, go take a break, have a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever takes your fancy, use all the energy you are using in here to go look at a few 3D programs if you haven't already, and as Ann herself said, get over it.

    Prokofy, Mesh is on it's way, are you griping coz you can't do it, won't do it, or just simply having a gripe for the satisfaction of seeing your own words on screen and feeling ever so proud about your Thesaurus skills? I am not usually one to single out people, but really, if you think we are FIC, communist, socialist, elitists etc... take a look in the mirror. Or have you donned your prim block already?

    EDITTED to add last line.

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