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  1. I just told you what happened to all three of us, repeatedly. If you want to argue it take it up with someone else.
  2. I crashed both times in, as did my partner, and a friend who went through shortly ahead of us by boat.
  3. Not sure if there's a region issue or someone with a graphics card crasher in Graff, but it's impossible to sail through there without crashing.
  4. Springhurst island is looking excitedly wild too.
  5. I'd say it's brave, but the first day of maintenance seemed pretty uneventful from here. I just saw a prehistoric mole afoot too, I should venture off my sofa and see what's out there.
  6. For a home/street sign people could pick their own number and xxxxx Residence or whatever for the main text, and just have region name and x,y coords in a smaller line of text underneath it..wouldn't have to be difficult. That's not how I did my own, people can get creative with them though.
  7. They were telling people the next batch of linden homes would be in June and they didn't know anything more, that was roughly 3 weeks ago. There has been no date set for houseboats from what I've seen, other than the "soon" and "very soon", which is why I said
  8. I haven't seen any official road map, and wouldn't expect one to be public. I know some people asked live chat after the first ones sold out and they were told June, they didn't know anything more.
  9. If the network maintenance is related to region handoff issues(and sim crossings did get a bit failtastic again last night, guessing some switch got flipped early in preparation) the maintenance could have been scheduled fairly recently and I'd think it should be a higher priority. I'm not under the impression the houseboat expansion was particularly planned in advance either, but that the next batch of homes was on the road map for June.
  10. I can't imagine they'll move/copy the new ssp houseboat regions over and have people trying to grab them during(or even immediately after) the scheduled network maintenance. I'm thinking somewhere around the 24th is more likely, if not into early June. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/lr0p2wy33qh8
  11. One of the upsides of home living..there are hermit crabs about which are Mole created, but the pathfinding in them won't work in the houseboats..seems to be ground terrain only.
  12. Mine was "trailer park on water"..though I think SL could use more trailer park living experiences, and I find far more appeal in that than tropical islands. Overall I like my houseboat where I'm at now, I love that I can step out my door and head out on boat or explore on land..but I think the extension will turn out ok, people shouldn't be expecting a homestead experience out of it.
  13. Releasing an expansion of the houseboats during scheduled network maintenance wouldn't seem ideal, especially moving/copying regions over. If they do it today they'll at least be sold out by the time it starts. I predict it'll be new batches every 6-12 weeks with expansions in between, otherwise I think the supply and demand will be too imbalanced to work as effectively in their favor.
  14. No idea how long it's been since the Osmium corner rental sims have been used for anything, I was involved with some events there many years ago and was always a great time. They could be rented for Bellissaria festivals once or twice per year maybe..thinking stardew valley-ish. Maybe a monorail along the new channel too, it's such a long and open stretch connecting continents there. A couple playgrounds with working equipment and a leaf pile to jump in would be nice as well, similar to Shermerville park. I remember the days when Azure Islands had a 4 sim volcano, before it got bought out and carved, used to take roads/trails over by horseback then we'd ride shopping carts down the sides...fun but not quite as useful as Mount G'al.
  15. The airstrip has been removed, thank you!
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