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  1. worse singularity has the same problems now... i want my shadows back!
  2. the worst thing wasnt even the missing communication, but that noone got a prewarning about an upcoming change of the tos. i woke up on 7th of may, tried to log in and was confronted with a prompt to accept the new tos. thats not only bad business, i think in civil jurisdiction that is called outright mafose methods. pay or die immediately. well...evrywear and evrys gadgets will cease their businesses as soon as my rentals arent payable anymore, i wont support such games of greed and bullying. period. ev
  3. you may call it sour grapes, i call it greed driving out everyone making a small dime in sl. they started it by pushing marketplace as first location to buy stuff and therefore leaving mall owners with empty malls, now they are pushing it further by forcing you to, if ever, cash out via lindex&paypal. i for my behalf have decided to stop all my businesses soon, if i'll be forced like that, because i dont find it funny if i cash out 5 eur and have to pay another 1 or 2 eur on fees. greed will be the downfall of secondlife and LL. ev
  4. i am getting this issue from time to time. usually i am then trying to log into another region, like ANWR or Pounce for example, or directly into an infohub like olive or ahern. that usually does the trick. try it and tell me if it worked for you! ev
  5. to me it looks like another joker at the labs like the one we had in 2008 on the sl-kid avatars...the actual tos do not say anything remotely according to the expression on the blog: quote: "5.3 There are other exchanges that are operated by third parties on which Linden dollars are exchanged. Third party exchanges are not authorized by Linden Lab and Buying or Selling Linden dollars on third party exchanges are not authorized transactions. Third party exchanges are wholly distinct from both the LindeX exchange and Linden Lab and they have no affiliation with Linden Lab. We do not endorse or otherwise guarantee the legitimacy of the Linden dollar transfers offered on them, and we are not liable for purchases of such Linden dollars. Buying or Selling Linden dollars anywhere other than the LindeX is done so solely at your own risk. If you Buy Linden dollars that are traced to unauthorized credit card activity or other fraudulent activity, we will recoup these Linden dollars from your Account. The only authorized exchange is the LindeX." sooo...not authorized does in no case mean not allowed...they do not encourage ppl to swap L$. but they dont forbid the exchanges. thats a HUGE difference! ev
  6. for your understanding: this is what the topic says...posted by LL: QUOTE: "Updated Second Life Terms of Service Linden Lab ‎05-07-2013 10:41 AM - edited ‎05-07-2013 11:55 AM"
  7. your avatar being a cloud is part of the process in which your avatar and clothes are loading. if its persisting, you should try to empty your textures cache and do a relog. if the problem keeps persistant, you should review your graphics and network/cache settings in the preferences. allow at least about 500 kbps as download rate and every computer should, by now have 1024 Mbyte free disk space for the cache. If you dont have that space on your default cache location, you may wanna move the cache location to another drive, which is also possible in the preferences under newtwork/folders. all you need then, after moving that cache. is a restart of your viewer and you should be good to go. good luck, ev
  8. to make it short and frank: i liked the post. it hit the nail to the head and didnt just insinuate. to thise complaining about the 'impolite tone': fankliness isnt impolite. politeness is a nice thing, but not useful if you have to say harsh words. and yeah...i think he listed pretty much all things i noticed for a long time already. overlapping prims are known to cause worst usersided lag issues for a long time. and when i read: high quality build with high quality textures that has 1024x1024 textures even on a doorknob and is z-fighting all over the place. i dont say that i'd be the best creator. what i would like to say is, that hi-res isnt always meaning hi-quality. and to have no overlapping prims, its simple maths one should have learnt LATEST by the time entering junior high.
  9. i would try this: Re-activating a canceled account If you have cancelled your account, you may be able to restore it, depending on how long ago it was cancelled. There is a US$9.95 reactivation fee for restoring an account. Warning: Even if your account is restored, the associated inventory, land, and Linden dollar balance may be unrecoverable. To start the process: Open a support case. Under What type of problem are you having? choose Account Issue. Choose Reactivate an old account. Enter the required information Click Submit.  good luck, ev ps: as rolig already said and was mentioned above, even if you can recover the account, inventory items maybe hopelessly lost forever. ev
  10. I'd definitely recommend you to update your xp pro to sp 3 and 760 mb ram dont look very good to me either. check system requirements here under recommended! ev
  11. other than that it is a disclosure, if s/he has harrassed you, there is still the way of the abuse report. help --> report abuse
  12. there are many tutorials out there...depending on what you want to do. but making specific things will help you to understand what you can do with the different tools. i guess there wont be another way to learn them. ev paleontol99 wrote: Ive been taking classes on SL but I notice the class is for a very specific item like a stove, or a chair, or a lamp. Some of the builds require very specific things. Does anyone know of any reference material that would show specifics on building certain items. For a person to know specific things like Path cut Begin 2.3 and end .943 is so specific one would be experimenting forever. Is there a book or reference that gives specific building numbers or techniques? Thanks for any information.
  13. umm as silly as it might sound: did you try to run the viewer as an administrator? this is really sounding like the videocard is trying to load a saved texture from the cache but actually cant find any because vista and its strange overprotective system is refusing to write/overwrite any textures in the cache ev
  14. that can be bunches of things... first thing i would recommend is to empty your viewer cache. then update your video and sound card drivers and of course your viewer! if all fails you can try to call technical support or write me a pm. ev
  15. ow ow ow... this sounds like you need to uninstall/reinstall your viewer. but actually its pretty difficult to tell anything just while playing by ear. send me a personal message here and we'll try to solve it. ev
  16. seconded! the idea itself is really a neat one...i dont wanna be seen as a total decliner. it has an awesome potential to actually help people. but please address the concerns voiced here. they aren't coming outta nowhere and have been voiced many a'times already.
  17. first: i am german, and here the saying is as written, you ignorant! second: i was more voicing general concerns than talking to you. third: you should learn a few nettiquettes before trolling in a forum.
  18. you apparently have no clue what you are talking about in that matter and dont even read the posts carefully. i am waiting for the day of the next few weeks exacty this will happen and YOUR own name will be impostored. remember: He who laughs last laughs best!
  19. pretty silly idea to need extra script load to a sim to prevent something LL could easily prevent due to preset things. but i agree. it might be a solution.
  20. cold: THINK NOOB! which newbie would know that you can change your displayname? they see that guy wreaking havoc and use the name shown to report him. i can understand very good that there are such a lot of concerns. or look at copybotters offering copied stuff to newbies: they remember only whats shown as a display name. its very confusing and if Lindens can protect their names why shouldnt it be possible to users as well? its a very simple if-then-routine to be added. IF username == displayname then use_displayname = TRUE and vice versa. lol
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