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  1. In my case there was nothing to scroll down to because the ToS were blank. I think that is the issue some other people were having too. I hope the others who were struggling managed to sort it.
  2. Do oyu have an older viewer for example Phoenix? That worked for me
  3. I sorted it by using an older phoneix viewer. I hope that helps others
  4. So I try log in and get the updated terms of service screen, but there aren't any ToS there and the agree box is greyed out. I can't log in or anything because of this. Is anyone else having the same issue. I use FS, but I know others who use the same viewer can log in.
  5. Thanks for your help everyone. I followed what Coby suggested and it worked. It even sorted the log in photo too. Thanks again. Much appreciated x
  6. Hello, So I've taken the plunge again and I am trying out Firestorm for the fourth time after using Phoenix for so many years. This time i think its for real and intend to carry on using it, especially after the nice people have made a setting that almost mimics Phoenix. The only problems I have at the moment though are, my settings aren't saved every time I log out. More specifcally the Look At settings. I tick the boxes I want, so that no one can see my look at targets. But everytime I log back in, the setting have reverted back to default. Does anyone know How I can save them permanently please. I do apply and close, but its not working. Another issue, is the photo on my log in screen is always the same one from when i first started using it again. Again can anyone help please?
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