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  1. Can a person who owns and Island abandon their ownership of the island and cancel their account. Ive had small 512 sqm pieces that only cost me 500 lindens that Ive abandoned to stay under next higher tier. Was just wondering if and Island can be abandoned if ever need be? Thanks for any replies.
  2. Is there a book or reference on building specific items like houses, chairs, etc. In other words are there books or reference with pre made plans that give steps like twist, hollow, shape, path cut, etc. A book on pre builds or plans would be great. Any references out there?
  3. Ive been taking classes on SL but I notice the class is for a very specific item like a stove, or a chair, or a lamp. Some of the builds require very specific things. Does anyone know of any reference material that would show specifics on building certain items. For a person to know specific things like Path cut Begin 2.3 and end .943 is so specific one would be experimenting forever. Is there a book or reference that gives specific building numbers or techniques? Thanks for any information.
  4. Ive seen the standard how to buy land course which shows you how to buy land but I have not seen any courses on real estate buying and selling techniques on SL. Is there any such thing or does anyone know where to go to learn more in the real estate area? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. paleontol99

    Land Tiers

    If I owned 5 pieces of 512 sq meters my tier would be $ 15.00 cause one of the 512 pieces is free. If I happen to see a more prestigeous 512 piece of land and do not wish to wait for a low grade piece of 512 to sell, can I abandon the 512 low grade piece of land and then purchase a 512 high grade piece of land and still keep my same $ 15.00 tier. If I bought a 6th piece of 512, my tier would go up to $ 25.00 correct? So abandoning a low grade piece of 512 that is almost worthless, can I replace it without increasing the tier provided it is also a 512 sq meter? Is this correct? Im just
  6. If a SL resident who owns a piece of land abandons their land it is now Linden land. Is there any way to purchase the abaondoned land even though its not on auction and just sitting there for months? is there something about putting in a ticket to buy the land. If so, could anyone direct me. Thank you very much for any help.
  7. Hello, Im working on my 1st house build. Problem is, I do not know what the standard width of a wall, floor, or roof is supposed to be. What is standard wall, floor, or roof width when you are trying to build, so that they look in proportion to each other. Thanks for any help.
  8. Does anyone know where to buy a LandBot that buys land automatically instead of taking hours traveling from sim to sim. I notice already that I could spent hours hunting for land. It woudl make it much easier. I notice there are none in the Marketplace and cant find any on SL Destinations inworld. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello, Thankyou if anyone can help. Im new. If Im looking for land, is there a way to tell Residential from Commercial. I ask cause I see many residences for sale but so far, I havent seen any that are strickly commercial. Im sure I just have not come across any yet. If I buy a residential property on the MAINLAND, can I put a Commercial Sign on it? Or would that be off limits? Im looking to advertise my webpage but wish to stay within rules. Thanks for any help.
  10. Does anyone know that key code to make 2 prims stick together? I remember that Control D creates a duplicate but I do not remember what cements to parts together when you are building something. Thanks for any help.
  11. I see once you own land you can set the new price. But is there any way to advertise your land for sale so that a large amount of second life inhabitants can see it? Are their businesses in Second Life who help market sellers lands to large groups of SL residents? Thanks for any help.
  12. Hello, Im new to Second Life. Im looking for real estate but I see there is such a discrepancy in prices from one spot to another. Can I ask, Which is the more expensive land, on the Mainland or off the Mainland? Which is the more prestigeous land, on the Mainland or off the Mainland. Which location is the Mainland? What Area is the most expensive area in Second Life? Is there and area that like Beverely Hills in price compared to the others or an area that has the most traffic running thru it? When you first get on here, it such a large place, I would have to visit thousands of spots bef
  13. Is there a simple way to build a simple sign. Im new. I made a flat square frame prim but do not know how to get a picture attached to it with words on the picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Im trying to get a sign together that will point to a url. Ive got the script for the url but do not know how to get the picture on the sign with words on the picture.
  14. I just upgraded from a free acount to a Premium Account. I put money in Lindens into my account in order to bid on a land auction. It will not allow me to bid and says that I have to upgrade to a Premium account which I already did 2 days ago. I would like to bid and already a number of auctions have finished and closed while Im still sitting here with money ready to bid. Any idea of problem. My account was charged the $ 9.95 and my account is in good standing. ???????
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