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  1. Some days ago, a friend lost her account. Someone enter in her account and change the password. She submited a  ticket and blah blah.. she calls to LL via telephone and they asked her birth of date, the one that she provided in the first time registration (not the original one used for age verification O.o). I remember, in these days, we usually don't provide original info at the beginning (its a common sense to: not provide personal info on Internet in everywhere). The fact its that they want that date, and she cant remember what she wrote. Now I'm scary, what if that happen to me? I'm in SL since the beginning of 2007, I don't remember if I used real data or not, but I did in age verification of course. Why aren't those data overwritten by the ones VERIFIED as original? How I can access to those data? How I can make a correction on it? Isn't in the account page and in any place. Suggestions?
  2. Isnt there for me either, jsut the display names one
  3. But we should see all this just like a step. Today we can import meshes, tomorrow we can request better ways to handle mesh. For me, and for what i saw in videos/photos/info etc... it handles all good. WIth its 4 level of detail that make the mesh work nice with our viewers, with that better size limits and with those prims cost really low (i know its not official yet, but i dont think it can be doubled ) that allow you to make a really nice quality build that can be 5 times the same numbers of prims if you try to make it with normals prims. I saw that museum wall that are only 6 prims!! Even being 12 still really nice!!. To do that using prims you need almost 40 or more and the quality have no comparison. People should think also in the avatar render cost. Those people that are wearing HUNDREDS of sculpts, each one using 2048 triangles!!. Dam I have more poligons in my hair that a high quality mesh in ZBrush!! lol. All this will reduce the lag in our sims (yes, avatar render cost also generate a portion of lag of course, all does). WIth this and some kind of control in scripts (should be some rules/limits at time to do script, so people work better i make they less laggy (I hate when people uses 1 script per prim in ahris for changing colors when all can be done using just 1 script). So, as I said, just look this like one step of a long way. Left implement it, left people suggest about it, left people request changes and our world can be better for all us.
  4. I really laugh for those comments about people blaming LL for introducing meshes just because they dont know yet how to do it. Why not cry for those that are very skilled making clothes? Photoshop its also an expensive tool, but you can use free ones like gymp. Why dont request to LL to make paint tools in world? For me the answer its very simple and clear. Those that are hating this new possibility its just because they dont know how to manage with it. If you dont know LEARN. Its what everybody does. People that are earning a lot of money making stuff with prims/textures now can have serious competitors. Instead of hate all that want mesh into sl, why not learn about the new posibilities? For those that think that learn 3D its very hard, let me say they are wrong. I learned 3D by myself, and the first day i opened 3D max and the first tutorial, I made a model in just 25 minutes!! Trust me, just try it first. There are a lot of 3D tutorials in the web for all kind of applications and they arent hard to learn. But I still thinking, they dont want competitors because are better than they. SL is changing, evolutioning. SL lost a lot of people because never change in years, now that all is changing (by first time hearing what users want and need!!), dont try to stop it. Copied content in SL? Is that new? lol There arent a lot of clothes models "copied" from real designers?Anyways there is alaways a report button if you see stolen content. And, after a time, those "free" items cant be so good as original content. SO im not worry about it. """-Yes, maybe that table is nice, but if is ripped, there are a lot of it in world for free, but my table its original and its why a lot of people buy it"""
  5. When meshes are full implemented, there is a lot of way to make meshes editors in world, ince they have more freedom to create that an sculpt. So first, meshes, and then, mesh editors in world. Who said they dont want implement it? Isnt something than hard trust me. But this is just a little step in a long road. Probably, when meshes become more used, people will request more tools for mesh editions. Just be patient, in a lot of years LL dont made too much changes to SL, now they are making a lot, the dont go to stop amking changes because they know how to do the wrong things already. After mesh is supported, make a request, search friends and builders to help that request. But talk about how bad they are doing the things its the easy way. Instead of that, think and provide solutions, suggestions and ideas to make better our world.
  6. these models have too much quality to be rendered in real time in SL. And, as far i know, there is a limit on the size of each file, so you probably will see nice avatars, but not looking like that.
  7. That chair with just 1 prim cost its really nice. I remmeber how long take to me make on using sculpts and dont look either the half well like this. But, the museum wall is just 6 prims (what is really nice, more than i expect really... but.. how the chair is have less prim cost if have more polys?
  8. There is also others softwares for beginers. Daz 3D is a good option, easy to use and free! =D Of course, others app like 3d max that is theone i use and mudbox and zbrush offers a really professional tools, but since you only need model 3d objects and place uv coordinates, you really dont need a high quality professional tool. If people can do sculpts, people can du even more easy 3d mesh because they offer completly freedom ^^
  9. Thats depend of the ability of the drawer that its doing the blueprints, but usually you can search and download a lot of they. If you want make a vehicle or similar by yourself, usually its mroe easy build it directly in 3D because you have more control about the sizes and pieces. Better than make a blueprint taking all sizes and matching all diferents views. You can also "sketch" a low quality blueprints for just a renference and make it in the 3d app and refine it.
  10. Your reference looks more like a car lol (I know, its just a confusion, but its funny ). Im waiting for the open beta D: icant wait anymore!! how long they take to put it available for alls? Nice demostration Jennifur ^^
  11. Think that developers of TPV make these options for free. LL get money of us, that a fact, so if free developers can do things like those better TPV, LL should be capable to do even better because they have the necesary resources.
  12. Im with you. And actually isnt than hard to see. Just look how Emerald become famous, why? its simple, they just add the options that people want and they can. Nothing more is required. If LL take the time to listen what user want and implement it (Im sure there is more easy to implement options from users that those "ideas" that come fron LL and that sadly dislikes to almost all users) SL 2 whould be the best viewer. So, dont make this hard its really easy.Just follow what people want and as RichD says, you can get not a perfect viewer but for sure better than SL2, and that its actually a big step forward. Then, continue in that way to get a almost perfect one. What options are priority isnt also hard to know, just look on what TPV made they better. Kitsune Shan.-♥
  13. Hi, nice post! First of all, obviusly, options are necesary and even more if people request it because its the fact that make people play SL. People want a option > people get that option > people play happily. I uderstand how complex would be develop all these options. But about how they should or not being in the interface, there are some basics and flexible ways. For example, the graphics options. It only have an slider to choose what option you want or not, and if want more control, you can always check the custom checkbox. This can be translated to others options where novices users dont need know all about they. Options like customice beam color, chat color, font size, etc.. are options that dont need to be changed in first instance and can be easily placed in an "custom" tab/panel/checkbox because they dont change anything in the gameplay. So I think, options can be placed into 2 types. Those that actively change the way on how you play, and those others that only make superficial/small changes. Then people can choose what, when and how see their preferences. Kitsune Shan.- PS: Sorry for my english xP ♥
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