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  1. If you mean on tattoos, yes, they kinda work due their nature but they do still have the same differences on the UVs just it's easier to fit a tattoo of certain features over a similar UV than a whole skin. But no, the difference isn't on the scripts but the UVs of each body. They have relatively similar UVs trying to emulate the default ones but they do not get the exact values btween them that's why it's pretty hard for them to use old skins.
  2. I wasn't talking about hands and feet but the fact that others parts of the body does not fit properly. Stretched nipples anyone? Anyway I am not here to discuss about your lack of knowledge on the matter but about missing and broken features on Bake On Mesh. I couldn't care less about the rest of mesh bodies UVs, I simply want Bake On Mesh to work properly as it should and include all required features from the past system skin.
  3. Ok I will explain it easily. Omega is not an UV, it's an unified scripted applier. The purpose of Omega it's to everyone follow the default OLD SL UVS so we would be able to wear all the skins on all the mesh bodies. Omega, with it's script, would send the texture to each body's secret channel since each body applier uses a different channel and way of setting the texture (hence why maitreya applier wont work on belleza body). So that's it, Omega is NOT an updated UV system because they only use the very old default templates for the system avatar. Omega it's only an applier that means to be universal. The problem is that mesh bodies does not completely followed the OLD SL UVS so the purpose of Omega being an unified and universal system was destroyed on the same day that they approved mesh bodies to be Omega compatible when they weren't compatible with the OLD SL UVS at all (as clear example, Bellezas). They didn't modified anything on the UVs neither those templates. They took the old templates and simply added notes for reference. You can even see the creator of those OLD templates that uses the default SL UVs and the year (years before even mesh was an idea) when they were made. I really can't explain better or more simple, sorry, all I can say it's that Omega is not even an UV at all, just a script system of appliers. For example, if mesh bodies were to follow the old SL UVs (or Omega ones since they are literally the same thing), we would be able to wear bake on mesh skins between all those bodies. And it may be that in certain cases may be possible depending on which body but very unlikely.
  4. These are the default avatar UVs. These templates has been around since 2005...
  5. No sweety, Omega is NOT an updated UV standard. Omega was meant to use the default SL layout as an universal script applier so all the mesh bodies could use the same textures as skin. But they feailed pretty hard since these mesh bodies have different UVs meaning that they do not match between them at all. Anyway as I said, Omega is an unified scritp applier, not an UV set. Mesh bodies haven't "Omega UVs" they just use their own UVs and wether you use Omega or each body applier makes no difference on the UVs.
  6. It's perfectly possible to do it and it wouldn't defeat the purpose of having different bodies and heads. You are mixing here UVs with meshes shapes. You can have completely different mesh bodies and still have the same UVs. We all know that it wont happen simply because they wont get the time and effort on creating an alternative bake on mesh version but that does not meant that would be impossible to do.
  7. You can use old system layer as long as the avatars uses the exact same system avatar UVs which in this case, mesh avatars don't. You can get them somewhat "working" but mesh avatars have slightly different UVs so things wont work on all cases. For example, Bellezas doesn't even use the same textures for feet and hands so it's completely impossible. I am making myself a mesh body solely for BOM and getting the exact same SL UVs. But this doesn't either means that everything will work. Skin creators had this crazy idea of placing nipples out of the default position. On the default avatar this wasn't a huge issue because nipples weren't there on the mesh but on a mesh avatar isn't the case so you can end with missplaced nipples if using old skins. This isn't a big issue if you dont mind about it and will always wear something to cover them. System clothes works perfectly fine tho as these just need to fit properly between the seams. I guess on each skin dev kit for each mesh body should be included a skin template with their UVs.
  8. Oh, don't worry about giving out ideas lol. There is not much mistery here about their use. Basically, you can use them for whatever you want, even for a shirt or skirt. Of course, these would be a very stupid move. Why would anyone change texture of their shirt by applying different "skins"? Not to mention that as soon as you wear something that uses the same texture, you would end with the shirt texture on some pants or who knows what. As I see these, their better use it's for the avatar itself. You could just have more than three textures per avatar in case that you wear some kind of special avatar that requires more than the default one or simply to add extra resolution to a common human one. This isn't either a good idea because, eventho you now have slots for left_arm and left_leg (seriously, who though we needed an extra for a leg? we always had these two separated lol), these are just simple names given to them because you can't use these for an arm and a leg at all since they don't support alpha masks textures. Imagine wearing a mesh avatar where you now have a completely asymetrical left arm thanks to bake on mesh new slots but you can't wear shirts or T-shirts because you won't be able to mask any part of it. You can mask your right arm tho lol... So that's it. bake on mesh it's nice, and could be great but only if done correctly and not just half unfinished like some other features we got. If we had a new alpha mask that allows to hide all the new texture slots, we could have great avatars. But as it stands right now, if you use the extra ones, you may need to rely on dividing your mesh body into hundreds of parts to hide through scripts which also means that you may require a quite high poly avatar to be able to create enough alpha masking zones and, on top of that, add laggy scripts for something that wouldn't have be necessary to start.
  9. Yes that's it. But they have also added extra channels but you can't alpha them so they are pretty much useless.
  10. Here is an example of what I exactly mean. So you use Universal layer as background layer for a skin because you want to use left arm for example, just like in the image. Then you use the texture shown in the image that it's a gradient as if it were a tattoo also using Universal (since it's the only way after all). The parts that are between certain degree of transparency and opacity gets transparent just like "gradient tattoo" itself. Areas completely transparent or completely opaque remains opaque in the layer below too just not the in between alpha values it seems. I really don't know why their alphas would mix. If the layer on bottom it's opaque or have certain alpha, it should remain despite of the layer added on top. If you were to wear a layer on top of, for example, a shirt in which you would add some semi-transparent shadows for depth purpose, you would get transparent results on them.
  11. I have been testing with BOM today with the latest viewer and playing with the new kind of assets. I have to say that the way they work it's really confusing. Like, what's the point of having left arm and leg ig you can't alpha mask them?? It's nice to have auxiliar textures that has been added to the tattoo as well but how do you expect people to use these if you can't mask them? We should have also "Universal Alpha Mask" with the same amount of alphas that we have for the Universal one including all extra textures like aux1, 2, 3, etc... I can't believe either that we haven't a way of using normals and specular maps. It's like for very single step we go forward, we do two back. Can't we really get something simply completely implemented for once rather than half unfinished stuff that kinda "works"? I really liked BOM but I don't see much sense on it if we can't use them to wear alphas on the extra textures, neither clothing through layers, etc... I can understand leaving the old stuff intact for compatibility but not without adding their equivalent for BOM new channels. I see no sense on having separated left arm if you can't hide it after wearing a mesh shirt. It simply makes no sense and I am not even sure how you guys even reached the conclusion that doing it in this way was ok at all. I also noticed this super mega weird behavior... if you decide that your avatar needs more than head, upper and lower and go for the usage of left_arm too because maybe for some weird reason you want a separated left_arm after all lol... and then, you use the Universal one as skin instead of tattoo, you get a lot of troubles. The main one is that you are supossed to use as tattoo but the skin wearable type does not contains all the extra slots. So you use Universal as main skin one, but then you wear another Universal one on top of it and this one you really will use as tattoo layer which means that it will contain alpha blending images all over since the background of a tattoo it's usually transparent. NOPE!! you can't!! For some reason the alpha of the tattoo get's also applied to the alpha of the first Universal layer that you wore below (but inversed!!!) which leads you to a skin that gets transparent where the tattoo should be lmao. How is all this not being taken into account before? I hope all this gets sorted before release.
  12. Was it that hard to leave the sliders to change the sun and moon position as they aready were before? It was quite simple to move a slider for up and down and other for left to right rather than messing with a sphere and some weird controls. It takes like 3 seconds to place the sun and moon position where you wanted before, now it takes ages. Not to mention that there isn't a single input controller there to at least being able to copy/paste values or for references. And besides being able to change sun, moon and clouds textures, a couple of extra options and the new daycycle editor, I don't see much improvement or new features. Is not like it's bad, but it's basically the same sky that we have been using for years with just few extra. Would have been really great being able to set the whole sky environment with a cube or spherical map, being able to change stars texture and size, etc.... In overall isn't bad and the new features are nice even if they aren't many after all those years but at least try to bring a better and more user friendly way of moving the sun and moon around. I know this it's more likely get fixed by Firestorm team but still, would be great to have it done by default.
  13. Ohh, all that already working? That's some great news. Thanks for the info
  14. Been out of BOM for several weeks. It has been already confirmed if the werable alphas will work on release? Or it's something they will work "over time"? Last time I tried, they didn't work. Also, it's still being 512px? Will be 1024px on release or also something to work over time?
  15. Give it a try to our appliers now at our main store Cute or Die at Blueberry Media SIM. We have omega as well as maitreya appliers so you don't need to buy the omega HUD if you haven't it. We have everything properly configured and separated into different body parts. We have also enabled the possibility of using bake mesh on the mesh body clothing layers to prevent the shape of nipples and such when wearing system clothing. I hope you like it, it's totally free.
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