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  1. But that's the thing. Alpha masking it's not a simple feature to left behind, it's a key point for BOM. And I can understand the issues of updating old assets (to which I already suggested a solution anyway) but if they could create an Universal Tattoo, they could also create an Universal Alpha for the same matter. The point here it's that we really need these preferibly on all channels but having arm and leg would be enough. Isn't a matter about discussing if it's possible or not because, obviously, it's possible and there is always workarounds and fixes for any issue that could appear neither we should discuss about it's difficulty to implement beccause wether it's hard or easier it may be subjetive and it still doesn't changes the fact that it's necessary to be able to use BOM. Not sure if people realized this already but it wont have any more use beyond avatars. The examples about using it for clothing pieces makes no sense and would make it completely unnecesary.
  2. Btw the bug I refer to isn't on the JIRA it seems. Or at least I couldn't find it at all.
  3. I can't open jiras neither read most of them :D. But that doesn't changes the fact that BOM isn't ready and need some tweaks and improvements regarding assets.
  4. You may be a conformist that finds everything fine as long as other has to deal with the limits and restrictions of half implemented features. As creator, I want it to work as it's expected on a minimal way and everyone expect those extra channels to work properly and be able to use alpha mask there. And no, updating it's not a huge issue. You can't expect a 2 years old viewer to keep working nowday. Is not like there isn't a huge variety of alternatives already. I liked the old interface too but time changes and has been a really long run already. We can't keep looking at the past, SL has to move forward or it will die sooner than expected. So if people has to be force to update knowing some months before it happens, it wont be a big deal. BOM will require updated viewers anyway so your comment it's still being ridiculous. What's the point of having BOM if people will keep using old viewers and seeing your avatar with replacement textures?? BOM needs fixes and improvements, like it or not but it's a fact and creators are aware of that already. There is even a huge bug regarding transparency and how they are blending the alpha channels of all the stacked textures and you still want this to be released? Patience it's a virtue. Just wait for them to finish this properly then you will be able to go back to your favorite system clothing that you has been saving all these years of no wearing mesh resistence. It will happen eventually, why not to happen properly without issues?
  5. I hope that you aren't suggesting that people should wear skin + universal tattoo to use as a single skin layer because that would be a total disaster. If you create an avatar that uses the default channels plus the new leg and arm ones, you should make it simple for all the users to simply wear one and not to explain to them that they need to wear the skin then the rest of of their skin as a separated item using something meant for tattoos. Making SL already more confusing wont help existing users and even less to new ones if they come.
  6. Even tho I am not programmer, I know how things should be and could be done as I have some programming knowledge. But that's doesn't matter. There is a requirement for BOM to be something beyond a gimmick and it's to be able to use the same features than the old assets had. It doesn't matter if they are new or old updated assets. If you can't use alpha masking on the new channels then it's useless before even being released. Your example it's quite ridiculous. Making people update viewer is not an issue anymore. We don't need them to migrate to a whole different viewer. Viewers with fixes are being released often and older viewers gets blocked daily so there is no issue on updating the viewer before BOM it's released and let some months for people to update. You say so as if my suggestion would only benefit me and not the rest of the residents lol. Seriously, read what I suggested. If you think that releasing BOM on it's actual state will be something good for the average user, wait for them to ask why they can't hide the arm and leg channel when wearing alpha mask or why they have to use a tattoo layer to wear skins and clothing. Or why if they worn the new asset "universal tattoo" for the skin, it's hidding all their tattoos behind it. Explain to them that they need to dettach all their make up, tattoos and clothing before applying a skin made with the "universal tattoo" and to wear all of them all over after it. Believe me that I know pretty well how things works and what people need and how. I have been long enough in SL to know all these details. I don't want BOM to be rushed just because few people that aren't even part of the creators' community wantnit now not even knowing the technical aspects behind a rushed version.
  7. There are two ways of doing things always. If updating existing assets could be troublesome (it shouldn't) there is always the possibility of adding new ones. But then, I am not programmer so there is absolutely no reason for me to know something like that. This is a 16 years old game developed by a professional company, not an indie game. I am not either being paid to do so, LL employes are. In fact, I was giving away around 150 to 250$ monthly just on cashout, let's not talk about money conversion and other fees. And that was when it was still 2.5%, now it's double that amount. I guess I have all the rights to at least point when something isn't right. Besides all that, I understand the problems that could happen from all this but the solution it's even simpler than that. Update all viewers before BOM it's released to make them compatible with the new assets. After a couple of months with new viewers capable of handling the new assets, block the older ones and release BOM. The viewers will be ready for the new type of asset and no one would crash because they had a fix for the new type of asset since a couple of months. Or, the complex way, fix it properly so it doesn't crash on older viewers. That a new feature crashes a new viewer is not something that big deal. Obviously you wont release BOM and make everyone update on the same day. Instead, relesae updated viewers and let them work together among older viewers untill everyone have updated then release BOM. I don't mind waiting some months as long as we don't get anything half done.
  8. I think it's a must have feature. There is literally no sense on creating BOM and not adding the alpha masking capabilities to all extra channels considering that they are meant to be used for avatars. Even more when we talk about the arm and leg channels that have been made and named specifically for avatars. If we use those channels for an avatar, we wouldn't be able to wear clothing there as we can't hide these parts. BOM already works fine with the already existing alpha masking items, we just need either get the alpha masking item extended to use the new channels or a new asset that could be just like the Universal Tattoo just for alphas and probably called Universal Alpha. Also using Universal Tattoo it's also pretty confusing for most users. We have an Universal Tatttoo but not an Universal Skin which leaves the base layers of the extra channels unused. I know that they can stack one on top of each other but will still be confusing that you can wear the base layer wearing a skin for the common channels yet for the new ones you can't wear a skin but a tattoo layer.... All we needed it's to add extra slots to the already existing assets inlcuding skin and clothing but I guess, like always, we need to get the things weirdly implemented to make sure that everything it's more complicated for users than necessary. To me, the inclusion of the extra channels to the existing assets (or creating new assets with them) seemed like the option that made more sense. Using a new asset for only one purpose leaving the rest behind seems like a pretty lazy way of executing a very simple idea.
  9. I am not sure if bake on mesh it's ready. I have found issues with transparencies and let's not talk about the lack of alpha masking for the new channels including the arm and leg ones which makes them quite useless. Not sure if you have been around enough but, actually, mesh clothing it's the cheapest. Layer clothing was like 500 to 650L$ a single color most of the time being 400 the cheaper. Surely there were cheaper ones just like today there are very cheap mesh ones but the average mesh today its 250L$ and that's half of what it was before mesh. Bake on mesh needs fixes but above all we need alpha mask for the new channels or at least for arm and leg channels so they can be used for avatars. I prefer to get all that sorted than a rushed half done release.
  10. If you mean on tattoos, yes, they kinda work due their nature but they do still have the same differences on the UVs just it's easier to fit a tattoo of certain features over a similar UV than a whole skin. But no, the difference isn't on the scripts but the UVs of each body. They have relatively similar UVs trying to emulate the default ones but they do not get the exact values btween them that's why it's pretty hard for them to use old skins.
  11. I wasn't talking about hands and feet but the fact that others parts of the body does not fit properly. Stretched nipples anyone? Anyway I am not here to discuss about your lack of knowledge on the matter but about missing and broken features on Bake On Mesh. I couldn't care less about the rest of mesh bodies UVs, I simply want Bake On Mesh to work properly as it should and include all required features from the past system skin.
  12. Ok I will explain it easily. Omega is not an UV, it's an unified scripted applier. The purpose of Omega it's to everyone follow the default OLD SL UVS so we would be able to wear all the skins on all the mesh bodies. Omega, with it's script, would send the texture to each body's secret channel since each body applier uses a different channel and way of setting the texture (hence why maitreya applier wont work on belleza body). So that's it, Omega is NOT an updated UV system because they only use the very old default templates for the system avatar. Omega it's only an applier that means to be universal. The problem is that mesh bodies does not completely followed the OLD SL UVS so the purpose of Omega being an unified and universal system was destroyed on the same day that they approved mesh bodies to be Omega compatible when they weren't compatible with the OLD SL UVS at all (as clear example, Bellezas). They didn't modified anything on the UVs neither those templates. They took the old templates and simply added notes for reference. You can even see the creator of those OLD templates that uses the default SL UVs and the year (years before even mesh was an idea) when they were made. I really can't explain better or more simple, sorry, all I can say it's that Omega is not even an UV at all, just a script system of appliers. For example, if mesh bodies were to follow the old SL UVs (or Omega ones since they are literally the same thing), we would be able to wear bake on mesh skins between all those bodies. And it may be that in certain cases may be possible depending on which body but very unlikely.
  13. These are the default avatar UVs. These templates has been around since 2005...
  14. No sweety, Omega is NOT an updated UV standard. Omega was meant to use the default SL layout as an universal script applier so all the mesh bodies could use the same textures as skin. But they feailed pretty hard since these mesh bodies have different UVs meaning that they do not match between them at all. Anyway as I said, Omega is an unified scritp applier, not an UV set. Mesh bodies haven't "Omega UVs" they just use their own UVs and wether you use Omega or each body applier makes no difference on the UVs.
  15. It's perfectly possible to do it and it wouldn't defeat the purpose of having different bodies and heads. You are mixing here UVs with meshes shapes. You can have completely different mesh bodies and still have the same UVs. We all know that it wont happen simply because they wont get the time and effort on creating an alternative bake on mesh version but that does not meant that would be impossible to do.
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