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  1. Its a Catwa head and they are rigged.. i have tried soo many demos selling catwa mesh eyes and not one of them works for me
  2. These are not the one that came with the head! but i will try the depth although it was hard enough to get my shape how I wanted it.. not sure I want to change for eyes! thanks you for the advice Brooke
  3. Hello I sure hope someone can help me!? I have Catwa eyes that seem to pop out of my sockets.. I have tried everything! its ok for photos using Expression hud but walking around I look crazy! https://gyazo.com/39ec8b3f2fa6c6b6477e71407b731b26 Thanks Brooke xx
  4. I found that getting your shop noticed is very hard.. but once you do sales will come in.. Try to put your shop in world on some Sl hunts.. it brings loads of people there.. or you can try some events and give aways that helps too.. if your shop is just MP maybe create a blog.. Hope this helps
  5. practicallyClick on an item in Manage Listings,
  6. Hi guys.. im new to the Blender world and I keep reading about the Sl avatar to upload?? i have search and following many links and when I go to download this so called "avatar" Model I get what looks like a bunch of scripts?? Any place that has an up to date avatar link?
  7. SOS.. Hi.. just starting my hand at Mesh clothes and would love to add Demos to the items.. is there a script? or any XL purchase I can make to let my customers try before they buy??
  8. yes i find to that a blog or a website is very helpful and place it in your profile with links..
  9. so i understand ? Does firestorm have the same skin options as phoenix?:smileyfrustrated:
  10. thanks for all the replies.. Phoenix ?? outdated.. lol i was still on viewer 1 until just 3 weeks ago.. i know i know.. i heard terrible things about firestorm so im not sure if i want to go that route.. ugh.. i love my magic box ..
  11. I just gave in and got my viewer updated.. to phoenix... now i find out no Merchant Outbox?? WHY WHY??:matte-motes-oh-rly:
  12. not sure exactly what you mean? are you using Gimp or photoshop to add the logo to the arm? if so..and its a template you are working with Highlight or Block the arm on the template you wish to add it to..you should see the "dancing ants" around the arm you wish to add the logo to...
  13. Thank you so much Nalates your explained it perfect to me..It wasnt Redpoly.. altough i love their items..I think i got it..trying it out on blender.. thank you again for your help and reply..
  14. yes good thing.. but imnot NEW to Sl just new to mesh.. and thank you for your replies:matte-motes-nerdy:
  15. but that didnt answer my question lol im just starting with mesh.. and just got the new viewer.. i just wanted to know if mesh building is the same as sculpt maps by using a prim?
  16. im so lost.. years of buidling with sculpts and prims.. i have no idea how to make shoes with the builders kit i bought that is mesh...........
  17. YES i know that you TOLD me.. and i bought it... and still it doesnt work..........
  18. Its all trial and error.. yes gimp is a good start.. i myself use photoshop.. i am self taught with the clothes n such.. just practice practice...the best thing to do first is maybe by some good templates from XL street and start there..
  19. not sure its still open but the Devils labyrinth from Madpeas is good and also..Avalon has a Scripted game with a hud Medievil
  20. Thanks alot for the info i wil sure give it a try ...............
  21. I have tried and tried.. Shoes with socks and i want to change the colors of the socks ONLY! the socks are in 3 prims.. is anyone willing to come inworld and HELP! i need someone who knows Color changing Scripts for linkable prims.. im inworld weekdays from 10-1 SLT... thanks..............
  22. ok so i bought that item from xl street i read all the instructions and still the entire show colors.. ugh.. im not sure what im doing wrong??
  23. HI all.. I have shoes with socks that I am trying to add color changer to the socks ONLY.. i have a Linkable Prim Changer script.. the total prims for the shoes are 23 the socks being only 3.. when i added the Script the the ROOT prim of the sock it changes the entire shoe..i even linked the sock togehter then added the script then linked back to the shoe.. HELP!:matte-motes-dont-cry:
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