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  1. I however still use viewer 1 and will continue to for as long as i can.. i gave V2 a try and it was horrible.. the interface is so darn small and way too many things on screeen.. the ease of viewer 1 .. its just simple.. YES i cant see any mesh.. i suppse oneday all of SL wil be invisible to me but i for one wont change ..:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  2. thank you both for the reply.. i wil give it a try for sure
  3. i have had a difficult time with this myself.. its no so easy..
  4. Ok i have been on sl awhile.. have done loads of builing..i get very frustrated when linking together 100's of prims.. ie.. buildings n such... it there anyway to mass link??:matte-motes-nerdy:
  5. i know ..i knew in the back of my head.. this seems way to good to be true.. i have tried to create just about everything in sl and hair is the most dificult of them all..
  6. ok i removed it.. thanks for the heads up on that..
  7. thanks alot.. i have contacted only 2 creators.. not sure where the rest of the hair came from.. but 2 are very popular hair shops.. it sounded to good to be true... i got fooled. i was just looking to where to submit a ticket?
  8. i havent... i first sent a notecard to the seller.. i guess that is my next step...
  9. I have purchased 1500 l's worth of hair from xl street that was FULL PERM... only to find out that the hairs are all copybot.. and from some very popular hair shops.. i am very disapointed in this.. i have removed all the hair and want a refund.. but i guess i was just a fool...there are actually people here that enjoy CREATING.. and building.. their own items.. and they work very hard at it.. SHAME ON you! BEWARE.. done get fooled like me...
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