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  1. I tested last evening around 7 pm SL time and found myself very impressed. I think that for those wanting to try out Second Life, it is a fast and easy way.  Wayfinder, and perhaps others as I didn't read all these comments, it appears that the beta test was closed sometime before 8:30 as a friend of mine had your same experience -- no email box to join the test. I could still get in on Firefox, the original browser I used, but on IE I had the same "Join Now" button with no way to use the browser. So it wasn't a system thing.  If I took my email OUT of the box and tried to put in another, it wouldn't let me.

    Meanwhile -- the only problem that I had (and indeed my friend in another house on another computer had the same issue so not just me) is that the java console repeatedly (and I do mean repeatedly) came up and was very annoying. Once into world things worked well. I don't use a Viewer 2 model interface, so it was in some ways a new experience for me. Changing my avatar took a bit of time, but did work. I am on a 3.5 year old desktop with a 13,000 connection

    My most impressive experience was being at a club with tons of people (I would guess about 40) with lots of dancing and music and everything loaded and worked well. Wow!

    I took quick screenshots as I went along and you can see them on my blog. Not sure if we can post here, but I think the link is in my profile. It is chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com and the post should be fairly close to the top of the list entitled "web browsing - ".

    I did an experiment and logged back in to see what would happen. The web greeting page did remember my email from cookies and the interface "seemed" to remember that I wanted to be a girl. This could have been a either or chance thing though. It did not remember where I had closed off from (Winterfell) or what avatar I had chosen (City Gal). You appear to end up in any of the locations just by chance.

    At this point, regular SL folks will no doubt want to stick with their familiar viewer, and indeed unless there are LOTS of additions to the webbased viewer, I can't imagine many folks switching. But for NEW people who want to get a taste of the world, it is easy and a great way to see without a commitment of any kind.

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