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  1. Truly great for the women...and frankly the guys too...I'm happy to see folks not only adding the tattoo layer to tattoo packages thus giving us an extra clothing layer, but also the release of facial, body, and scalp hairstyles thus improving my skin beyond the facial and body hair styles offered by the skin creator...and some hair designers are doing great things mixing the scalp tattoo hair with prim hair...and yes frankly adding a little color for a healthier look to a guys cheeks-haven't seen anything like facial or body scars yet, but I'm sure someone is thinking of them for the RPGers.
  2. Since I first started here over 3 years ago I noticed a tendency towards excess in heigth and shape...and I was really a participant myself (most avatar levers were all set to 100 excluding those that would have made me fat..lol..) I was oevr 7' tall and extremely muscle bound. With the advent of prim attachments to clothes though I noticed most of them didn't fit well and needed tons of adjustment so I started adjusting my shapes to something closer to the prim attachments.It reduced my heigth and muscle content to something less then "suoer hero" (or villian depending on your perspective)...
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