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Mesh Uploader just uploades by chance.


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I will try and keep this a short and resumed for sake of readding.

1- I made 3 versions of the same model inside blender. this build is of gag.

2- After a troublesome first attempt to upload. (exactley the same issue that I am reporting now) I uploaded by chance. the Model works fine inworld without any issues. just pehaps a bit heavy for its size.

3- I decided to upload the other 2 versions of the same model. no diferences in the way it was built. again I had issues.


the issue:

I load the file into the uploader it reads and I place my wished sittings. I have tryed with physics and without physics. both give the same issue(though I thin it is not needed since it is a wearable attachment). it is possible to see the LOD that I chose on the pictures. the gag does not appear on the on the preview window since I gave a scale of 0.15 so it is about 0.20x0.20x0.20 in a roughlley manner.

I press calculate fee and it takes about 30minutes to calculate the error it is giving me. "multiple error occured while validating asset. NewAgentInventory_InvalidAsset". I have the same error on the linden viewer and on the new Firestorm.

I have tryed to upload in different sims(sandboxes, deserted sims, others too) differnt altitudes and viewers. always the same error. the first gag I was able to upload took me a good deal of chances to upload and the same is being verified on other uploads. I thought I have found a good spot to upload for me but that hope was invalid.

one thing seems to work good though in all this comboculment is that if I just select the file to upload and do the calculation without touching any other thing. but that makes the mesh uploader options void, and no control over it.



Given stats:



not rigged

external program = blender 2.59


Renders of the blender variations:

the one I uploaded is the first and works fine. the second is identical and it is giving me trouble now. and the third I tryed once once or twice but it gives the same issue.



Notes and conclusion:

what troubles me the most here is that the same file is unable to work and work at the same time as you can see. once I did the upload I almost disregarded this to as issues of bad building from my part but I seriouslley come to think otherwise, and can only see it as problems inside the uploader itself. or somewhere near to it in the process.

any help regarding this would be deepley appreciated so I could create content for SL. Thank you for your time.

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I can't tell you what's wrong with the information you give, but I can tell you it would help a lot if you looked in your logfile and post what it says after the error occurs.

I also like to add the amount of vertices and faces used is nothing short of insane. 12k faces for the lowest LOD? No idea how far you need to be for the lowest LOD to pop, but my guess is you will have a couple of hundred if not thousand faces on a single pixel. A full avatar is around 7000 faces at the highest LOD I think, something in that region anyway.

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It said to view the log file, right?  So, did you?  What did it say?

We could guess at errors all day long, but why do that, when the log file is going to list them for us? :)


That said, my first guess is something in the upload is timing out, because you have such an ABSURD amount of triangles in your model.  If you want to put that gag on a creature in the next Lord of the Rings movie or something, then sure, give it twenty eight thousand polys.  But if you want to use it for any realtime environment, SL included, then it has to be a suitable realtime model.  That means low poly count. 

By "low", I mean somewhere around a thousand, at most, for an object like that gag.  Yes, you read that right.  Your current model has about 28 times as many polygons as it actually needs.

Take a look at the models in any video game.  Have you ever seen a character accesory like that with the anything even approaching the poly count that your gag has?  You never have, and you never will.

Modeling for realtime is about doing more with less.  Use only as many polys as you need, just to convey the shape of the object, no more, ever.  Use the texturing to suggest additional surface detail.

As Kwak mentioned, the entire avatar body is just a hair over 7000 tris. You could have up to four entire avatars on screen, for the same rendering cost as your one gag.

The avatar's head is about 1800 tris.  Take your cues from that.  Look at how the edge loops fall across the head surface, and use them to guide you as to where the edges should be on the gag.  Use that strategy for every tight fitting garment, and youll never go wrong.  It will be a perfect fit, it will match the avatar aesthetic, and will have a reasonable poly count.

Also, consider that when the item is worn, the sides that faces the body can't be seen.  Anything that can't be seen shouldn't actually exist.  Eliminating the inner side would automatically lower your poly count by at least 25%.

Employ those strategies, and your gag will very likely come out to 1000-1500 polys in total.


So you know, if I ever attempted to deliver a model of such a small and simple item, with even a tenth of the poly count that yours has, I'd be fired on the spot.

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it did said to check the log file yes though I did not know how. took be a bit but I believe I was able to find the Log file. But the Log is very big and I am not seeing how to attach it in here. so I place it in a link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DAWPYW8Z

As for the amount of detail. I was just lazy to do LOD levels since I took about a month to learn how to solve a silly issue with the texture placing on a given section of it and just overlooked that this time since I am still unaware how it will react to the unwrapping I have made. I was just happy to be able to try it out and make it real really and then just getting the error message on the uploader, but since it is within bounds I was convinced it should work still before I would have patience to make a level of detail or more for it if needed. if the issue is due to "time outs".

But I must add that although that it has a lot of weight (mainley due to the logo, not really the gag) it is very small needing more detail at lower levels. since at 1.5meters is already in low LOD and since it is over the face, ugly quads really stand out like a thorn, due to the difference of scale between them. but I will be making a lower level of detail to maximize it in the meanwhile.

As for the rest I can only say I am still unexperienced in time and in work made.

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Glad you found the log, looks like the file you need. However posting a 6 MB textfile isn't very inviting to take a look at.

As you might have noticed, the entire log is timed. So what you need to do is force the error then look in your log and see what it said for that moment. If you post that, I'd be happy to take a look, as will others I'm sure.

And there really is no reason to have 12k faces at a lowest LOD...glad you say you are going to make some custom LODs. A highly detailed logo on the inside of a gag is really silly if you ask me, no matter what LOD. I don't really go by Chosen's standards concerning polycount, since SL is not a game that needs very high framerates opposed to a shooter or racegame or whatever action game. However Chosen's numbers make more sense to me than yours, a lot more. Even if you say you need so and so many faces to make smooth shapes, ask yourself what I said earlier... how many faces go in one pixel at a certain distance? if that's more than one it's generally too much. Don't use this as a rule, but as a guide...

Higest LOD can be really detailed and smooth, since it won't show often and not for many people, but you also want smooth transitions between the LODs.... Takes some figuring out, but that's well worth it.

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KeythSL wrote:

it did said to check the log file yes though I did not know how. took be a bit but I believe I was able to find the Log file. But the Log is very big and I am not seeing how to attach it in here. so I place it in a link : 

As Kwak said, it's good that you found the file, but none of us are going to be able to sort though the whole thing without knowing what time stamp to zero in on.  Kwak's suggestion is the right strategy.  Make the error happen, note the time, and then look for that section of the log.



KeythSL wrote:

As for the amount of detail. I was just lazy to do LOD levels


It's not about the LOD levels.  It's about the fact that your primary model has a many, many times more polygons in it than it should have.  SL is a realtime environment.  All the models in it have to be suitable for realtime usage.  A character accessory with 28,000 polygons in it, is NOT suitable.

A scene with high-poly models in it can take minutes, hours, or even days to render.  That's perfectly OK if it's for a film or an image.  A realtime scene, on the other hand, has to be able to render in a split second.  If you want it to run at 20 FPS, then the computer has to be able to draw each frame in only 1/20 of a second.  In order to do that, there can't be any extraneous data to process.  Therefore, poly counts have to be kept as low as possible.  There's no getting around that.



KeythSL wrote:

But I must add that although that it has a lot of weight (mainley due to the logo, not really the gag)

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.  How does the preesence of a logo add an extra 26,000 polygons to a model?

If the logo is part of the texturing, then it could be spread across literally any number of polygons, from as little as a single triangle, up to literally any amount you could think of between two and infinity. 

So you understand, the amount of polygons in any model is completely irrelevant to how clear or unclear its texturing will look.  What matters is how many texture pixels are assigned to each polygon.  That's what UV mapping is for.


If the logo itself is a model, then it's of course going to require more polygons than if it's just a texture.  But it's awfully hard to imagine any logo in the world that would require 25,000 polygons.  If yours does, then you simply shouldn't model it, becuase it has no place in realtime usage.  Either redesign to be simpler, or just texture it instead of modeling it.


KeythSL wrote:

it is very small needing more detail at lower levels.

If you want to keep the low LOD's close to, or even the same as, the highs, that's not necessarily a bad thing.  But that doesn't change the fact that 28,000 polygons is simply ludicrous for something like this.

To give you an idea, here's a version I just made now, based on your design:


Right now, it's 1241 polygons in total, but I haven't yet taken any real time to really optimize it.  I just made it very quickly, to demonstatrate that tens of thousands are unecessary.  After optimization, I should be able to get it down to about 2/3 of what it is now, around 800 and change, and it will look the same as it does now.

Let me apologize for having under-estimating in my earlier post, when I said 300 was a good target for this.  That's definitely doable, but I probably wouldn't use it for the highest LOD.  800-ish, maybe even 1000-ish, is a solid upper limit, to keep it great looking.

That's without the ball, of course.  A decent sphere would add another couple hundred or so (a 16x8 sphere is 224 tris), which would bring the total up to somehere between 1000 and 1200.

This version currently lacks some of the details displayed on yours, such as the rivets.  Those are easy enough to add into the texturing.  There's no need for them to be discrete geometry.  If you absolutely feel you need them, though, then you can make a perfectly convicing rivted from 10-20 tris.  I think there are somewhere around 24 rivets on the whole thing, which would mean adding another 240-480 tris.  That would put is right back at the present count of 1500-ish.

That's five times as much as my original quick estimate, but it's still barely 1/18 your current amount.  So, forgive me for stating you had 100 times more polys than you needed.  After analysys, we can now say you've got at least 18 times too many, possibly as much as 27.5 times too many.  Either way, it's an order of magnitude too high, and the some.


(I hope I got the fit right, by the way.  I'm afraid I'm not too well educated on ballgag designs.  It seemed the proper way, but forgive me if it's supposed to be even more painful than it already looks.  Not exactly my bag, if you know what I mean.)


KeythSL wrote:

ugly quads really stand out like a thorn,

OK, so make good looking quads instead of ugly ones.


KeythSL wrote:


As for the rest I can only say I am still unexperienced in time and in work made.

Understood.  As you get more experience, you'll of course get a better handle on things.  I hope this information helps in that.

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Sorry for my delay responding, xmas lagged me in it.

I have made the error happen again. I recieved the error message at 21h16m on my clock and cropped the information around it, I hope it has what is needed to see the error message. but I must say the error took an awefull lot of time to come this time around almost hours wide, or at least it felt like it.

Link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EQ9AERQU

Since I was told the model was to big I have been trying to lower the poly count on the first model. but as I thought, I am still unaware how to place a texture shift in different LODs, I am already trying to learn it now as I work on it.

As of the moment I have gone from.

Original Model A: V=14074 F=14264

Work In Progress: V=4970 F=5301


Strangelley I thought the logo to be bigger but it wasn't sorry. but still I have made it much smaller now. and in either way I can simply discard it out quiclly and export the gag without it. this count I did now is still with the logo (perhaps viewable in the back strap on the image). But the choice for the logo was just something to make it pretty nothing more although expendable,

As for the textures I had enough space for all faces, though cramped it fitted all well and without great issues and there was no loss of great detail since at very close zooms inworld it still reacts smoothley and no visiable pixels. and in some I did waste a lot of space because I was unable to have them together. but now there will be even more space. ^_^

I just saw the gag you just made. I really did not wish to give SO much work to all. I will try and make it smaller still but I believe the difference will not be drastic as I already did but I will surelly try. but to test I have been already trying to see if what I have now would be uploadable but until now it seems like it is not, since it gives the same problem.

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