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Land and Building Prospects

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Hi, I am new to Second Life and seeking groups, blogs, or web links to help guide me to eventual land ownership and development. I would prefer to not have illusionary box walls (or heap mounds of rocks) around a garden, but so many places lack cohesion or view or have poorly skinned neighbors.


I hope I don't sound snobby, I don't even care about decently raised commercial behemoths, at least next to there I could create a sprawling loft under a warehouse front. I think I do want to be a part of SL, only I want that part to be contributive. I'll continue to read and search, but if anyone has advice or information now I would be thrilled.


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For mainland I suggest looking to shermerville or Bay City or the Nautilus sims (but not Nautilus itself which has no relation - you enter Nautilus into the map, and go to any place that has 'Nautilus - ' at the start of the location name.

These places are all pricey. From about 17,000L for a 512 lot in Shermerville's 4 sims, to 250,000L for a 1024 in the Nautilus region.

- But they all also tend to have quality builds. Well, some spot in shermerville have unusual builds - nice but peculiar. Most of it looks like residential homes though.

Nautilus is populated by people wealthy in RL I suspect - the builds lack imagination but are usually as high of quality as they pay to have built for them. The worst thing about the Nautilus sims is that they are in the middle of the most poplar sailing ocean in all of SL, Blake Sea, but nobody on the Nautilus sims can have land next to the water... and they have a stone wall at the water's edge and I can't find any place to leave a boat. I think there -might- be somewhere to rez one, but I can't find it... so its kinda like being tortured. All these people will sail by you all day long having fun, and you just sit in your exclusive hood staring out at them in loneliness.


Bay City gets a lot of taller buildings - but its populated by people who tend to be very industrious and community minded about their SL use. So a good half is rather well done, and few people rez a low quality prefab.


Otherwise hit a rental estate. One with a solid covenant on what is allowed. Yo have to research the landlords here - some are top notch members of SL who can be trusted, but others will take your land back 5 minutes after selling it to you, ban you so you can't take back any objects you left on the land, and keep your money, and then sell it again to the next sucker - all of which is -NOT- a ToS violation apparantly...


The final option is a Linden Home. You get a premium account and take the free home, and the strict rules over what you do with it - but all your neighbors have those rules too. The sims there look nice, but can be a little laggy and very empty (because commercial activity is not allowed, and you can't rez any buildings of your own - so nobody sets up social locations either. People only go to them to be in their private homes alone or with friends).


Or you go my route: Build or buy a fancy looking skybox - one that looks some magical thing floating in the air so it's cool to cam out from and snapshot distance shots. Place it was up there, above 3000m in height, and enjoy. Then rez whatever at ground to look nice and care a little less about neighbors.

- But I double this with spending weeks searching mainland for nice locations that have stable neighbors or other features I can enjoy. Like being on the top of SL's tallest mountain (Campion), or being between the road and an 80m deep ocean (where I park my cars and boats) - or buried in trees on a street corner in shermerville across from a build designed to look like it was made with crayons on paper. :)


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