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  1. My friend calls me on the phone. We chat, we hang there in pauses wanting to communicate but having nothing else to share. I might say, "I bought a giant couch in Second Life". She doesn't have an image for that in her mind. Last night she came into Second Life for the first time. We talked on the phone for quite a while about some random giant couch. I am not really social. I am just happy about the couch. Last night the two of us dancing would look like I was at least that cool. The assumption that there was an exciting social collective here, that there is some kind of persistant experi
  2. LOL @ me I logged into a group conversation and saw this topic. I don't follow it, really, but felt it is something to study so saved it. I will repost it with changed names. [12:59] XYZ: Blender has mirror tools, but so does gaia [13:00] PDQ: ahh. well why am I the only one that notices the mirror tools are not always showing or not working? [13:00] XYZ: these are blenders: http://home.comcast.net/~volfin/20140718195924737.jpeg [13:00] Kara Moon (seabird7): I get upload errors using blender mirror, but found a workaround [13:01] XYZ: these are gaia's: http://home.comcast.net/~volfin/
  3. Probably you are displaying an appropriately permed group tag when you work, though I would be be sure what perms are on that tag. I've noticed that build rights from group tags are behaving more strictly at Builder's Brewery Classes, and in the world build I am doing having edit permissions does not allow copy without the group tag.
  4. There is also a modifier named 'decimate' which will remove a few verts or most of them, with that you can reduce such a large number by half before even noticing the change in detail. These are feet, ok, how much past the point of calling them attractive can you really go? I understand you have agonized on each tiny detail but you could accept that model as portfolio art, but not a purposely clever model for Second Life. We work hard to be sensible on the game level. Even if you can upload huge amounts of vertexes, we folk will need to download them back before they begin to rez in our v
  5. seabird7

    Mesh Tips?

    After reading this PennyCow Blog I chose repeatable 256x256 for the huge build I am doing (my first). People say it is amazing, though I hope when it is all done it will still be approachable. Perhaps I should further limit the number or intricacy of planned projects, yet frankly, I think we creators today see the panorama of human artistic expressions (especially historical) and find it difficult not to use every celebrated tool. Yet, greater success follows cooperation. That was proved in a Nobel Prize for mathematics concerning business/social models, and so I feel building with an avatar
  6. I have a possibly irrelevant observation. I am adding it because someone with a logical mind might see a detail in material usage: I made objects with 3 materials and uploaded at default LOD setting, After resizing to 64 meters in game the objects don't break down to triangles at distance until a third material texture is placed on the object. I wondered about this, thinking that LOD must be triangulated from object width and has a penalty recalculation for materials displayed (in real time.) A two textures object at maximum build menu axis seems to create only one LOD zone. Sorry for the
  7. Blender and mesh-to-SL is sensitive. I find sculpts and mesh that have been 'put through the blender' subject to stuff. That is, I can't upload material settings, or once in world the normals (marked outside faces) are not what I intended. The reason is usually that I have massively crossed vertexes or failed with a super useful sculpt, or there was mirror/duplicates quantum phased (lol) plus what-have-you, all some frustrating time before upload. Satisfying the sculpt formulas is just a computer thing, not always usable in game. I think it is best to treat blender procedures simply (costly) a
  8. To me, mesh clothing often looks thick and rubbery, even with great textures, and commonly I find them finished with poor textures. I don't mind wearing paint, as long as it is well-textured paint. Still, mesh can stand out in good ways. Mesh can be funky where a flexi prim couldn't hope. Mesh can look natural and soft too, I've seen that, but it is not common. No artifice (of prims or mesh) make good clothing. Only a studied and very deliberate designer can hope to make these fake somethings beautiful and wearable. Practically then, I think those designs of Coco Chanel would more easily pla
  9. Poetic humor from a bit in The Music Man. It reminds me of the SL 2.0 arguments. Cash for the merchandise, cash for the button hooks Cash for the cotton goods, cash for the hard goods… Cash for the noggins and the piggins and the frikins Cash for the hogshead, cask and demijohn. Cash for the crackers and the pickles and the flypaper… Ya can talk all ya want but it’s different than it was. No it ain’t, no it ain’t, but you gotta know the territory… It’s the Model T Ford made the trouble, made the people wanna go, wanna get … wanna get up and go seven, eight, nine, ten, twelv
  10. I don't understand what are the limitations. The last criticism against individualism I remember concerned universal mesh sizes. Since this is the creation forum I think you must be speaking of something else since the universal styles were to make fabrication for more people possible, not prevent deviation in creation. Just to speak on that note, I feel this, or any totally noramlizing trend (mesh feet perhaps) would not be as fantastic as 'doing your own thing'. I try to live IRL doing my own thing, but I think there will always be limitations to freedom from within ourselves, and also from
  11. I found this area of Linden Land a nicer option to under the sea. There are a lot of nooks around the strrets. There somtimes here here and there people, but it's not trafficed and seems a 'my space' with the sounds of gulls and the sea: Barney's Bay
  12. seabird7

    Lighting tips

    Thank you for that link, Dree. I had googled cycles and had a lot of fragmented ideas. Lovely tutorial
  13. I'm sorry to hear things are not improved or at least the same for you. I wasn't around, but other games I've played are less friendly, and if you ever visit my place, I'd be thrilled. I don't get many visitors at 2400 feet. The last, univited one was naked and obviously knew that, if you know what I mean. I started laughing to myself. Another time I lived in a different house and some woman with a literally whorish name was idle there. Again, to me, humor. Other people I have met on way have been actually offensive. I've evoked the blacklist, or made a report (only twice in a few years and fo
  14. Re-importing OBJ can also work in cases where you are getting a a mesh upload error (from mirroring and flipping normals. I don't know if anyone else gets these but I have.) Also In the above procedure it is not necessary to singly reassign, but you can go though the list of those textures which are the same and highlight them all first. Not a thing I often have to do but as it just came up, I had noticed.
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