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i need help i'm new to second life and still figuring out how to operate stuff and i'm struggling



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Hi, Kiara

That looks like the packaging for your clothing item. There are few different ways that creators package their products in SL.

The oldest is a box that you have to pull out of your Inventory, rez on the ground, then right click to Open it, which creates a new folder in your inventory.

Some packages are worn on your avatar. These might look like a shopping bag, a gift box or a purse. You have to click on these for them to create a new folder in your inventory. 

What you have there is a package that's "Worn" as a HUD (a Heads Up Display) on your viewer screen. Click on it to open the package and create a folder in your inventory with the items you bought inside it. Then look in your inventory under Worn, to see if you're still wearing the package. You can detach it by right clicking it on your screen and selecting Detach or by right clicking it from your inventory and selecting Detach.

Either way, I suggest dragging the package into the newly created folder for your items, so you can find it easily later. If you bought mesh clothing, it probably came with sizes for multiple types of mesh body. You can delete the ones you won't use, but keep copies of them inside the packaging, in case you end up wanting to use them later. You can also delete the unpacking script if that appears in your folder.

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