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  1. Thank you so, so much! You rock!
  2. As a former club host, listening to the local chat was a nightmare for me. What they choose to discuss: pizza, the weather in West Deepstep, Georgia, pizza, sushi, shoes, why I never updated my avatar to mesh, why I hate Second Life, why I hate this club, pizza. Some nights I wanted to kill myself and take them all down with me. Luckily I don't host anymore and feel no obligation to chat in local.
  3. Please, if anyone has an idea where I can find this hair style, I would be extremely grateful. I love it so much. Thanks!
  4. Last night, some guy IMed me, obviously after perving my profile. He did not like what he found and said, "Black olives matter. Fu** you and them." Why? I don't know. He wasn't even in the same sim as me...he obviously was just cruising group memberships. I blocked him. Another time one of my tenants said, "I am cancelling our friendship. I am tired of the Blacks making me defend myself." I had not spoken to him in months, so I have no idea what he was on about. So I just said, "Okay. Good luck to you." Back in 2008 when I made my first account, the assigned avatar was a busty blonde. I was in Welcome Island and heard someone in local saying some terrible things about black and brown people. I left that day and stayed away from SL for 6 months, thinking that SL was a terrible place full of terrible people. I only tried again when my real life friend convinced me to give SL another chance. Other than that, I have made myself a happy little bubble to live my Second Life in.
  5. I appreciate this thread still being here. I have been able to get back several of the streams I have accidently blocked. Thank you!
  6. Contact Count Burks Estates...I always get great prim allowances on his land, and he excels in customer service. He usually has an ad in the Land for Rent section of this forum...or you can just go here: http://countburks.com/index.html/ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GM&search[keywords]=Count+Burks
  7. Gonna say...I liked Gacha machines. I sell the stuff I cannot use. I like being a retailer. NOW, if creators would sell wholesale to retailers like in the real world, then that would go a long way toward making up for the loss of the fun. And it would benefit the small retailers and ultimately, the consumers.
  8. i haven't drawn portraits, but i have, indeed drawn landscapes. People in SL create amazing environments and I love to draw, then paint them!
  9. Just check the events listings. You could discover all sorts of things!
  10. This sounds exciting. I would love to look around and see what I might be able to do to help. I will send you a note in world.
  11. I went to see...very nicely done. I like it a lot and a great idea for day rentals. You can get your friends to role play living in a Cote D'Azure village for a weekend and have a lot of fun. Good job.
  12. I have not only noticed the longer texture loading time, but in a few instances, the textures that do load are seriously glitched. Especially those with some transparency. This has been going on for about a week...
  13. That is strange. I suggest you go somewhere where you can remove everything that is attached to your avatar, including clothes, hair, shoes, etc. Keep your shape and the body and skin. Edit your avatar, and then replace things one at a time. That way you can figure out what attachment might be causing the problem. It might be a skin, so you might want to remove that too...Good luck.
  14. My SL partner died in real life in 2015. When I found out he had lung cancer, I made it a point to call him on the phone and talk with him and his daughter almost every day. When he finally died, I was so heartbroken, that I stayed away for five years. Now that I have finally returned, I have met up with his friends. I also met some woman who claims to have been his partner, but she doesn't know basic facts about him, and she didn't know about me, and all of our friends from back then had never heard of her. But she has told everyone that she is his "official" widow. At first I was angry, but then I told myself that this is Second Life, my friend is deceased, and this woman is living her own delusion. So I let her have her fun. It really is devastating when you realize that your SL friend had become your real beloved friend, and you have lost him.
  15. I shop a whole lot. I dress my avatar. Then I dress my alts. We go dancing at clubs, listen to live performers, visit art galleries. I am also a blues club host, and I do advertising for the club. That's work, though, and not what I intended to do in SL. I go to virtual church at First UCC SL and I acquire land and build out the sim. I have built a coffee shop, a public campground and a housing subdivision with a public beach. I sell my extra gachas in my gacha store and the marketplace. I visit my friends to keep up with the latest gossip. I play card games when I am online alone...especially Blitz 31. I like to discover new places and then take my hubby with me to play there. We have recently joined Drivers of SL and enjoy practicing our driving while exploring the roads, rails and waterways of the mainland. There is always something new to learn, so I also go to lectures and discussions and live SL theater. So basically, I just goof off and mess around.
  16. Bray's Place is looking for hosts. Any shift. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brays Place/72/183/2400
  17. Bray's Place is looking for hosts, any shift. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brays Place/72/183/2400
  18. Have you contacted the creator to see if he will sell you another copy? https://my.secondlife.com//manuel.ormidale
  19. f you are still looking for a home, please check out Waterstone. It might be just what you are looking for! https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/200023/the-waterstone-group Our furnished ground-level, waterfront homes are only L$150/week and provide 75 prims for your use.
  20. If you are still looking for a home, please check out Waterstone. It might be just what you are looking for! https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/200023/the-waterstone-group Our furnished ground-level, waterfront homes are only L$150/week and provide 75 prims for your use.
  21. Come Home to Waterstone: Furnished with adult beds, full kitchens, mid-century modern homes in the subdivision community of Waterstone. L$150/week, 75 prims for your own things. Parcel level permissions so you can manage your own music stream and security. Front and back yards, waterfront or water access, beaches, community center, parks. Small community, so management can be extremely responsive. Good interior sightlines, lovely landscaping, flexible prim allowances. Friendly for newbies and all the diverse members of the SL world. Moderate sim. Come out and tour the homes we have available. When you pay the rental box, you will get an invitation to our tenant group so that you can move right in! Waterstone Harmony Ellisson, Airikk Ellisson
  22. i want one, too! My house in SL has a hidden attic.....
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