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Firestorm - SL voice cracks + lag


Hey there,

I have been since December been having issues with SL voice.
I been trying use anything seaching the issues on sl fb/ google, 
but so far none the things been helping.

I cant log in firestorm due to lag, and when sl voice is on it 
starts get worse + drains my laptop for power.

How come can i be on singularity without issues,
but i cant with firestorm?

Greetings wulla



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To answer your why-question we need to know more. When asking a tech question include the information from the viewer's Help->About...

Off hand, I'll point out that Singularity is a viewer specifically designed or those with older less capable computers. It will use less of your computer's resources than most other viewers.

Firestorm is the power user's viewer. It has loads of stuff and uses up memory in a hurry. I suspect it is more than your computer can handle. On Windows you can use HWMonitor and MemHistory (both free) to see where your computer is maxing out. Also, Windows' Resource Monitor is similar to HWMonitor but you'll need to read between the lines to sort things out.

If you can't even login with Firestorm... watch the disk use numbers while attempting a login. You may be page faulting (swapping memory in and out and reading & writing to disk) at a horrendous rate and the viewer is timing out as going to disk is WAY slow. The same problem would make voice choppy.

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Well firestorm worked fine until the update in december since then it been really bad with sl voice crackings, and after last update its even worse. I can log in but as soon voice is on it hard to move and drains laptop, its goes better when i plug out power cable in laptop( i tried buy a new one too, didnt help) so as soon i plug it in again it whont charge back up at all. I also bought new headphones to see if would help but no. I miss being able use firestorm because it is a bit better than singulairty viewer, but yeah i dont have any issues on that veiwer and dont have to derender anything on it, but on firestorm i do..

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