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what to do about another user.


I've had to block a user whom does not seem to understand, that I'm not able to help with a discord function that myself and a few people put together,  since it's a closed script,  I can not hand it over or share it,  so with that,  I've went ahead and blocked them,  TODAY a brand new account im'd me asking the same thing,  how do I go about explaining to this person that I can not help them and they should not contact me?   I know after 14 years, I've never experienced this issue.

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If they do not listen to your explanation, stonewall them completely.

If they don't get any response at all, even on new accounts, they are very likely to eventually give up.

It's more effective than continuing to explain the same thing to them, because responding to them gives them an opportunity to keep engaging. It may also escalate the situation if they get agitated by the lack of helpful responses, causing them to become more likely to continue to harass you about it (or about how unhelpful you are).

The same applies even if they were to meet you in-world. Don't ever acknowledge their existence (even to other people nearby), even if they were to directly grief you.

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