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Delima: How to sit below a phantom prim

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Good Day!

I'm new to building and having fun with it :)

I'm working on a hot tub for our sky platform.

*attaching two pics*

The 'water texture' I placed on a phantom prim.

My delima is when I right click to sit on the 'inner ring-made for sitting' my avi sits on the phantom prim.

*Thinking this happens because I'm selecting the phantom prim. Its above the sitting area*

Will placing pose balls fix this?

However, In my mind I see that the pose balls for sitting will still be below the phantom prim, thus unable to click them hmm. Pondering...

Asking this before I invest in purchasing pose balls.

(I am determined to resolve this.. I've seen inworld hot tubs and the like, that enable folks to sit and frolic...)

Or is there another solution?

*please note: I am not at this time able to read scripts to a point I am comfortable to mod/create them*

A new builder scratching head, while having fun! :D


Thank you in advance for any intel offered!!




V --- upclose I outlined the rim of the seating area for viewing.

Close up of Hot Tub.jpg

V---- further away

Hot tub far view.jpg


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Yes, you are clicking on the panthom/alpha layer instead of the Prim itself. 3 ways I can think of:

1. Cam in and Select the sitting prim and sit. Tedious everytime but it does the trick

2. Poseball - buy a modifiable poseball and change the script of the poseball to be able to set the sitting anmation positions lower than the poseball.

3. Enlarge the poseball prims itself and make it 'emerged' above the water. It will dissapear once you sit on it anyway.

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Hi amana!


Thank you soo much for these suggestions to my delima :D

Caming in; tedious for sure! I was doing this when editing and then linking prims together. Eeps!

The second suggestion is a bit out of my league (at the moment)

NOW (kudos) your third suggestion is a pragmatic solution that is very doable and easy!

Your right on too-they will disappear when in use :)


Thank you amana



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Howdy, Ross

It is best to use poseballs around your hot tub.  Having to cam under the water to sit down is a pain and some people are not the best at doing that.  I would suggest you create your OWN poseballs.  There are free sit scripts all over SL as well as free male and female sit poses and creating poseballs isn't as difficult as you imagine.  One you do it a couple of times it becomes easy and as you start building more, you will need that knowledge.

I will send you some landmarks when I get inworld and will help get you started if you like

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Your welcome, SirRoss

I also forgot to tell you that there are poseballs that comes with self adjusting instruction that doesn't require you to mess around with the script contents. Normally it will come in a HUD like pop-up window after you typed in /1 (or something) Adjust position in the local chat. Good script will remember your last position. Bad script will want you to change it everytime you sit on the poseball.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4135 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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