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START: MAY 8, 2020
END: 8 JUNE 2020
PLACE: 􀀀 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Granby Court/20/219/33 



> To enjoy better vision, use the advanced light control and the environment in night mode.

> It is not a commercial exhibition, the works are not being sold.

> The exhibition takes place at my Victorian home in Granby Court - Bellisseria.
The house is open and accessible via a teleport panel in the various sectors of the exhibitions including SKYBOX

> This is an exhibition created with the concept of POP UP GALLERY.
with a fixed duration and curated by Nando Yip with diverse works that mix Real Life with the immersive art of Second Life.

> The exhibition is divided as follows:

> Ground floor
Belém-Amazônia 20th century: photographs and postcards of unknown authors from the beginning of the 20th century of the city of Belém, which is located in the Brazilian Amazon, and in each image there is a link where the viewer can see through Google Maps the location photographed in its current version.


> First floor
> VJAmazônia Video and Frames - These are video frames made for the work of VJ that I develop at RL, all images were captured by me, and the videos are accessible on the Studio Reactor channel on You Tube. These videos have no sound as they are used as a basis for presentations of hybrid and musical performances.

PLAYLIST on You Tube

> RED'S - installation inspired by the work "Deviation for the Red" by Cildo Meireles. It is a small tribute to a great Brazilian artist for whom I have great admiration.


Site about Cildo Meireles

> Annex Gallery 56
Bellisseria Photos - of various places in Bellisseria.


> Box in the sky

> Box in the sky
Performances Pictures - The images were captured during video performances performed in the city of Salinas:
> Object / images 1 - INSECT - installation with photos of the performance



Object / images 2 - MEMBRANA - performance photo loop


> Object / images 3 - METAL - performance images transformed into objects.


The photographs were edited using the PHOTOSHOP software

> Click on the images to see the location currently on Google Maps and other information.

> If you want more information look around the world for Nando Yip.
Or via email: nynandoyip@gmail.com

> Studio Channel Reactor on YOUTUBE


enjoy and thank you
Nando Yip


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1502 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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