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Hoy, ayudando a una amiga me respondió sobre la opción de "desdibujar". La quería ayudar por ende la desdibuje permanente ... ahora no se como resolver esa falla : c.

Agradeceria mucho una ayuda.

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Google Translate thinks you said,

"Today, helping a friend answered me about the option to "blur." I wanted to help her therefore the permanent blurring ... now I don't know how to solve that fault: c.  I would greatly appreciate a help."

I am guessing that you're talking about "depth of field".  You can turn this on or off like this:

Standard SL viewer:

Me > Preferences > Graphics > Advanced.  Check the appropriate boxes to enable Depth of Field.

dof3.jpg.d319eb770ca78e0c6f2266ade224a2a2.jpg        dof4.jpg.c4c84d9d962f9599e255ee9e74883d0a.jpg

In the Firestorm viewer:

Avatar > Preferences > Graphics >Depth of Field tab.  That will open another window (not shown here) with controls to adjust the depth of field.

dof1.jpg.355a777bf0bd8acf103663811f3c1a1c.jpg      dof2.jpg.79ca5d48f4823ac5b5b86d495c236c81.jpg

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